8 Month Old Baby Girl Sleeping Through the Night (When Do I Change Her Diaper)

Updated on December 19, 2008
A.A. asks from Orange, CA
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My 8-month-old daughter started sleeping through the night for about a week now (thank GOD) the down side is that I don't get to change her diaper until the morning before I go to work. Should I be waking up to change her diaper in the middle of the night? And if so what do I do so she doesn't wake up?
Her schedule:
Bath @ 8:00
Goes to bed between 8:30-9:00
Wake up to change diaper 6:30 am

That seems to me like to long to go with out a diaper change, She just got over a yeast infection. I’m afraid she can get that again or even worst a bladder infection. Please help!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

In my experience, I'd say if she's not waking up to tell you she needs something then let her be. At this age my son began sleeping pretty steady chunks of time, and would wake to tell me he needed something...so enjoy the sleep while you can!!


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answers from Los Angeles on

I second everything below - but if you're like me, you'll be using that stealth approach once in a while, too. I wanted to give you one head's up:

When changing her as she sleeps, make sure to put the new diaper nice and flat, ready to fasten, under her old diaper *before you even start to unfasten it*. Then undo the old diaper sneaky-silent and with one smooth motion lift the bottom, slide out the old one and quick pull the new one over the front of her. Why the drama? Because pulling the old diaper away seemed to trigger an unconscious command in my babies' brains: Pee! Pee now! Pee like you've never peed before! And if you're a boy, aim for mom! Hence the direction to cover up with that new diaper fast!

Just thought I should mention it - in case your kids have the same sense of comic timing mine seem to have been born with! Have a wonderful and LOOOOONG sleep tonight!


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answers from Los Angeles on

Definitely let her -and you-sleep!!! Buy the nightime diapers that are extra absorbant if you are worried about moisture on her skin. Definitely do diaper cream as well. My 2 kids never had any problems with a one diaper all night. happy snoozing!



answers from Las Vegas on

My son is only 3 months old and sometimes he sleeps through the night aswell..he doesnt even wake up when he wets his diaper! the thing that works best on keeping the pee off babies skin is vasaline..the pee just beads off of it! sooo he can sleep without uirne being on his lil skin all night..also use good diapers..ones that absorb the liqiud well, do that and just change him.her in the morning beforthere feeding and it should be fine.. trust me if anything was bothering your child they'll let you know!



answers from Los Angeles on

Never wake a sleeping baby!!

I wouldn't change her diaper unless she's poopy.

We stopped changing my daughter's diaper in the middle of the night when she stopped pooping during the 3 am feeding (around 5 months old, I think).

She's been fine, no bladder or yeast infections. I do use some kind of diaper cream, whether it's Wee Rub, Beaudreau's Butt Paste, or the Burt's Bees diaper rash cream with EVERY diaper change.

Enjoy your sleep! I'm jealous, my daughter is a morning person. She's woken up between 5:30 and 6:00 for months, and was up for good at 5 am this morning. I wish she'd sleep until 6:30 am!!!



answers from San Diego on

We changed our son's diapers in the middle of the night until he started "holding it" until morning. It was the last thing I did before going to bed.

3 things:

- With us, when we changed his diaper, he'd sleep an extra 2-3 hours so that he got a full 11 - 12 hours.

- We TRIED the stealth method...and it failed utterly. Apparently even as a baby he could detect us trying to get something by him, and he'd wake up to see what was going on. What we found worked for US, was not to be sneaky at all. Unzip, pull out legs, velcro, pull out the old diaper, put the new diaper on, tuck legs back in, zip up. All at normal speed/grip/etc. The I'd stroke his eyebrow and say good night. Sometimes his eyes would flutter, most of the time he slept straight through. 3 times he woke up. I can REMEMBER those times individually(darnit, I wanted to SLEEEEEEP), because they were so few.

- We also used the "teach him to sleep through anything" method. IE We never tip-toed, whispered, or "tried not to wake the baby". We talked, laughed, played music, cooked or did the dishes (his room was two feet from the kitchen), had friends over, had parties, etc. Essentially just lived our normal lives at the volume that we would if he wasn't there. He even had NPR's jazz/classical music playing super soft in his room. We never TRIED to make noises to wake him, but we didn't go out of our way to be quiet either. It's worked well for us, especially since we travel so much, but it's ALSO probably why being "sneaky" set off all of his alarms.



answers from Los Angeles on

no thats fine to just changer her in the morning. thats what i did with my daughter who was sleeping through the night at 4 1/2 months. sometimes she would leak but it wasnt a big deal. if she does wake up in the middle of the night then change her then if she needs it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Let her sleep. You can put a diaper rash cream on her before she goes down for the night, that way the moisture will stay off of her little butt, and you can rest easier!



answers from Honolulu on

Ditto to what everyone else said. Let her sleep. Put on a thick layer of diaper cream before bed.

IF you should need to change her diaper.. .then what I did with both my kids was, I had a flashlight, and changed them in the dark with just the flashlight... did it quick and quietly like a stealth bomber... they never woke, and just kept sleeping through it, and it was fine. (no, I didn't carry them "out" of the crib or the bed to change their diaper...just change the baby right where they are sleeping).

IF you are concerned about a full & leaky diaper during the night.. .just put a waterproof diaper pad under her...they have crib pads and bed pad sizes... easily found on Amazon.

Also, yeast (candida) infections are ALSO caused by an imbalance of the flora of a person's "system" or intestinal tract....not always because of un-cleanliness down there. It is usually due to an imbalance of the immunce system, or too much sugars (which yeast feeds on) etc. And in a baby.. .it can happen because their immune system is NOT yet FULLY developed, thus, they are susceptible to vaginal or oral (ie: 'Thrush') yeast infections. THEN... the yeast infection becomes visual and exacerbated with outward symptoms because a moist & warm environment (ie: a soaked diaper) can exacerbate it.... But the wet diaper itself, does not "cause" it...it mainly provides a "place" for the yeast to flourish. This is my understanding of it, and since my kids have had that too. I may be wrong.. but this is the way I understand it.

take care,

Just research yeast infections in babies/children, and it will give you lots of tips.



answers from Los Angeles on

i dont change my 10 month old son til the morning, and he sleeps through the night too... when i check on him in the middle of the night, i check his diaper and if its full, i change it if not i let him sleep. also i put extra baby powder on him to absorb the moisture ... hope this helps :]



answers from San Diego on

I understand the yeast infection dilema--my daughter had that too. During the day, I changed her no matter how full/minimally wet it was, but I would not wake her up if she's sleeping. Put on a thick layer of Balmex/Destin/cream, and only change diaper when she's sleeping if you notice it is poopy. I only had to do that once and she was drowsy for the change and went right back to sleep. I don't know when you give her last fluids/bottle at night, but I found giving her like a 1/2 hour or so gives her a chance to pee before the final bedtime diaper.

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