8 Month Old Always Curls Her Toes Under Her Feet

Updated on April 09, 2008
J.S. asks from Quincy, MA
4 answers

hello ladies. I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter who is crawling and starting to try to pull up no things. We've noticed that she curls her toes under her feet most of the time, even when trying to stand. This of course hampers her ability to stand or take steps. She also curls them when sitting or laying down. Has anyone else seen this and is it normal? Should we be trying to prevent this by wearing hard soled shoes? Currently we are wearing RObeez to help her grip for crawling. We haven't had a well baby check up since 6 months and didn't ask about it then. ANy comments?

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answers from Boston on

My nephew is 9 and still does it... he's even developed calluses on the tops of his toes from it. His pedi never gave it a second thought.



answers from Boston on

I really dont have any good advice. But my now 21 mo old use to walk on her toe knuckles!!! This was when she first started to stand and walk a little. She outgrew it. I always had her barefoot in the house when learning to walk. Of course if she is still doing it at the next well baby check up I would ask the Dr for sure!!
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answers from Pittsfield on

Hi J., I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. My youngest sister used to even walk with her toes curled under her. If your daughter is already pulling up at 8 months, I doubt if the toe thing is going to keep her from walking when she wants to. I don't recall any of my 6 curling their toes under them, but they definitely curled them significantly enough to grip the carpet or whatever they were walking or standing on. I haven't put shoes on any of them until they were walking, because the hard soles keep them from being able to grip to help support. If you're worried though, a quick call to the pediatrician's office is free and could set your mind at ease. I'm sure it's something they've dealt with before and could tell you whether you need to worry or not. Enjoy your little girl -- I love that age! It goes by way too fast.



answers from Boston on

My son was a toe curler. He'd be cruising along from sofa to coffee table with his toes all curled under and didn't mind at all. When he started walking on his own he kept those toes curled at first, but soon learned how much faster he could go flat-footed. I personally recommend against shoes as much as possible. They won't prevent toe-curling and can actually be more uncomfortable for your daughter to walk. My son doesn't even like to wear socks when we're home. He'll sit right down and pull off his shoes, socks, slippers, whatever. Good luck and enjoy this wonderful time!

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