7Yr Old Needs Deodorant!?

Updated on January 03, 2011
A.S. asks from Canton, OH
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Hello moms, about a month ago my daughter was taking her shirt off and said "yuk!" and I said WHAT!!? She said my armpits stink! I thought to myself "No they don't!" but they did! ok I admit, I was a little giddy. I'm thinking what next- Period at 8yrs old! But seriously, I'm not sure if I should put her on a deodorant this young. I know there has been some talk about pores being clogged in the armpit area may be related to breast cancer, My mother had to use a special deodorant (thick cream) b/c others didn't agree with her. Sadly, she had breast cancer. Was wondering if any other moms had experienced this issue with their young daughters. For now, I'm just making sure she washes really good with soap. I would hate it to be an issue at school/gym b/c we all know kids can be mean. Any insight?? Thanks!! Have a great New year!

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answers from Indianapolis on

My now 9 year old son started using deodorant at 7 and actually is proud that he smells "like a teenager" and my 7 year old daughter doesn't need it yet but I am waiting for the day which I know will come sooner than I like. One friend recently recommended using baby powder rather than deodorant because it is milder on their young skin. I have to say, on a funky 9 year old, it worked like a charm! I haven;t had him go back to deodorant and I'm happy he doesn't have to use man-chemicals for now. He really likes it too. I plan to use this method for my daughter as well. Try it, you daughter may prefer the powder too.



answers from Columbus on

If you have ever walked into a classroom in late elementary/middle school after gym class you would know that she needs to start using deodorant when you notice it at home....Her teachers will appreciate it! My boys both started using deodorant when they were about 8 years old. All children are different, some need it younger than others. They didn't go through puberty any earlier than their friends even though they needed deodorant at an early age.

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answers from Cincinnati on

i started wearing deodorant when i was 6. some girls just get that rush of hormones a little earlier, and with all the hormones that are in food now a days kids are developing at younger and younger rates

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answers from Chicago on

If you don't want to try deodorant at this point, she can try putting powder in her armpits. It will soak up some of the moisture (but not if there's a lot). Also make sure she's wearing cotton shirts or mostly cotton so her body can breathe.

Also, she should wash herself with antibacterial soap every morning under her arms. It's bacteria that cause the smell. We use Dr. Bronner's all natural soap for babies. It's all natural and safe. I bought my 9-year old antibacterial baby wipes in a to-go container. After physical activity like soccer practice she swipes under her arms with them.

She has started having a little bit of an odor and we didn't want to start her with deodorant so we've been using the above tactics and so far so good! No odor! The key is just keeping under the arms clean. I actually don't use deodorant at all and with the above tactics I have no BO either!

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answers from Phoenix on

You can try the deodorant crystals/large crystal..works amazing for some people and there is no toxicity.
Another remedy, is just to use baking soda. sweet and simple. Put it in a shaker bottle and dab a bit on. gets rid of all odors.
Hope that helps :-) Never use commercial deodorants. Dangerous.



answers from Anchorage on

I would get her some deodorant, nothing is more embarrassing to a girl than BO!



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son had BO and I switched to organic milk and it stopped. But in the meantime we had him use Tom's of Maine Natural deodorant. The breast cancer link is a myth, btw.



answers from Seattle on

Our doc says it's totally normal. Hormones cycle throughout childhood. Our first bout was a couple months at age 5. And then again at 7 for a few weeks. And then now, again, at age 8... we're going on month #2.

We homeschool.. so I know *everything* that my son eats. He's never had rBst milk or meat products (I take that back... he's had rbst milk once), has few products containing soy or other hormonal precursors.



answers from Phoenix on

My DS started using it around this age. His pediatrician said to be sure to use deoderant not anti-perspirent. Maybe give her Dr. a call to see what they suggest. You certainly want to avoid having her teased or feeling insecure at this age.



answers from Dallas on

As a teacher, I can tell you that girls can be awfully mean to each other. I would consider the deodorants for teens. This is what I suggest to my students and it seems to do the trick.



answers from Minneapolis on

this question actually tends to come up here about once a month. Yes, at 7 the kids can need deodorant. My kids actually started needing and wearing it at 5. My DD now 9 started at 5. Her pits were worse than a teenage boy! She would walk by you and you would gag. We even started DAILY baths at 3. Yes it is true that the age little girls are starting to menstrate at 8-10 now a days but arm pit order is not a sign this will happen for your child. Even though my DD had serious BO at late 4 years of age; she is now 9 and has no sign of menstration. Actually working in this field; I have been on alert and even have her hormones pulled once a year so that I will know! Actually my pediatrician alerted me that it is very common, just not something that people talk about when "at play dates". She told me when the kids have growth spurts and the adrenals go into over-drive that the pits start to smell. We have just used a mild sensative deodorant and it took care of the problem. This is what I would do. I NEVER would want my child to be the 'stinky kid" at school. If you guys are smelling it so are the other kids. If you close your eyes and think back to grade school, I bet you you can name and picture the kid that was the 'stinky kid' when you were growing up. We all had them and all KNEW who they were. Do not let that be your kid. Just use the deodorant and thank goodness she is in tune with her body enough to notice herself.



answers from Boise on

Make sure that you get her deodorant only, and not antiperspirant. Sorry, I don't have any other experience with BO at this age.



answers from Honolulu on

My daughter is now 8.
Since she was 7, she has used deodorant otherwise, she smells.
She uses the Arm & Hammer "Essentials" Natural Deodorant... which has NO aluminum nor parabens in it.

Other kids, her age, have this 'issue' too... of smelling, already.

ALSO, the smell may come and go, because their hormones are always changing.

Some say that it may be because of what a kid is eating. BUT my daughter eats healthy, not much junk at all. And we buy organic as much as possible and hormone free.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I dont have girls but I have seen deodorant for teenagers in the isles I am guessing it is made for younger girls. Maybe you could try it and see if it helps. I have noticed my nieces seem to be hitting "stages" in their lives way earlier than me or my sisters did my 9 year niece is wearing training bras...really



answers from Terre Haute on

My daughter needed deo about the same age. I was a bit freaked as well. However one day I went to a school function and realized all the kids in her class were going through the same stage - ugh!
I talked with her teacher about it and she stated they get younger and younger on needed to wear deo, etc.
My daughter is now 10 and has not started her period yet. ----I was 17 but her bio (my niece) was 9 and my mother was 13.
I figure it is natural and we will deal with each developmental growth/ stage as it comes.



answers from Phoenix on

I have 4 children. One of my sons and my daughter BOTH needed deoderant at a very young age! It just wasn't a question of should I. It was BAD!! They just grew at a young age~ It's your personal opinion about the deoderant thing. (Whether it causes Breast Cancer or not~ I personally don't believe it). But I can tell you that a friend was VERY CLEAN in college and beyond---only used baby powder on her pits and STUNK to HIGH HEAVEN. I don't think powder works. Good luck. Yes, BO is a very embarrassing thing for anyone of any age.

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