7Weeks and and 3 Days and Woke up and Been Spotting??????????

Updated on May 19, 2010
C.F. asks from Gainesville, GA
11 answers

the dotor did do some blood work b ut all he said is that the baby was fine just needed to rest im just sacred right now imean i have no pain no cramping its just when i wipe myself that im spotting and its not red color its brownish and sometimes pink tommor im going to see my obgyn doc and iguess he will do another ultrasound hopefully eveythig will be ok i would really aperciate some advice or if there is some one who has gone through the same thing plis help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Atlanta on

This happened to me with my first full term pregnancy. They told me that if it is dark in color then it is just implantation. Bright red blood is when you need to worry.

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answers from Gainesville on

There are lots of reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy. Most are nothing serious. I would suggest that you follow up with your doctor. They may want to do a repeat ultrasound. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage which is a bleed behind where the baby implanted. It can be nothing or it can be serious. Just follow up with your doc so they can determine what was going on. If you bleed more than a pad in an hour you need to contact your doctor.



answers from Providence on

I had some spotting early on everything was fine. Its hard not to think of the worst but I was told it can be quite normal but I did panic also its hard not to . Best of Luck tomorrow



answers from Atlanta on

When I found out I was pregnant I thought I had gotten my period....but it was not a normal period at all. Basically lighter than usual and it was brownish more than usual. I don't know what possessed me to take a pregnancy test but I did thinking it would come out negative but it ended up turning out positive! I was absolutely shocked and immediately called my Ob which in turn the nurse told me more than likely it was the time frame that I was supposed to get my period and as long as it was brown and not "red" then it should be okay. However they went ahead and sent me over for Blood work. I was contacted back and told I was about 2 weeks pregnant but they wanted me to go back...this was the beginning series of many blood test. Eventually they told me to come in for an ultrasound because my levels were not where they needed to be and there was concern about me having an ectopic pregnancy. Well come to find out at 4 weeks I was preggos with TWINS! I think you will be okay. Even though they say its not "normal" alot of women do indeed spot at first. Continue to see your doctor and follow their directions to a tee. Congrats!



answers from Augusta on

I had the same thing happen to me and my Dr said it was probably implantation bleeding. From how I understand it, that's when the baby is attaching to the lining in the uterus that we normally shed every month (our period). It's good that your going to the Dr and he/she can make sure everything's OK and you could ask them to explain more. I've been there and I know it's scary, especially when it's your first. But I now have a healthy 18 month old, and I'm sure everything will be fine with your little one too. Take it easy, and best of luck!



answers from St. Louis on

You didn't mention if they did any blood work to check your homone levels. This usually determines if the pregnancy is still viable.
You should be seeing your regular OBGYN as soon as you can.
I have lost pregnancies and the bleeding is usually accompanied by severe cramping.



answers from Charleston on

Obviously I'm not a doctor, so I can diagnose your spotting, but I had spotting throughout my pregnancy much like you're describing. My doctor kept telling me "it isn't normal, but nothing is wrong with the baby". He scared me to death with the "not normal", but I am happy to say I have a very healthy 2.5 year old girl following that scary pregnancy. I was later told by an OB nurse at the hospital that it is more common that the doctors know and most women with spotting have healthy babies. New research says it could just be the rapid expansion of the uterus causes some capillaries to burst releasing small amounts of blood.

So, keep going to your doctor and report the spotting to keep an eye on things, but try not to worry too much because it could be nothing! Good luck!!!



answers from Athens on

Hi, I can't say not to worry - that would not be very easily done. But, I will tell you that I spotted with all three of my pregnancies. Badly with the first pregnancy which was twins, and again with 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. By the time I got to the third, I counted it as my bodies way of trying to have a last period. But, the first time I was put to bed, and 2nd time I laid on the couch afraid to move praying for my baby to be OK, the third time I just took it easy but kept on going - each time with positive results. So, hopefully this will be your case also. Just follow the doctor's order and know that it is in God's power and timing that this baby will come into this world for you to hold, love, cherish and raise in His glory. Best of Wishes!



answers from Raleigh on

If it's a misscariage I do not think anything can be done this early on. I did have some spotting with my first son in my first tri, went to the ER and it was just a blood vessel that bursted.



answers from Tucson on

more than likely it is implantation bleeding..i had the same thing when i was 8 weeks..google " implantation bleeding".


answers from Pocatello on

lots of women have some little bleeding at first. It's not really normal but most go on to have healthy babies. I bled a lot with my first daughter and after being on bed rest for a while I was healed and everything turned out fine. One good thing for you is that if it is brown then that means it's old blood. So your body is just getting ride of it. Red means you are bleeding right now but brown means you WERE bleeding. So that is good.

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