7Month Old and Karo Syrup

Updated on July 26, 2009
M.N. asks from Avon, OH
6 answers

My daughter has been having trouble with constipation lately and I was given the advice about Karo Syrup. I am just wondering what advice anyone has regarding it (how much you give them, the frequency, etc.).

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answers from Muncie on

I would put a full table spoon in my daughter's 8oz cup, within 30 mins she would have a dirty diaper. I would make a Karo cup for her whenever she went 2 days without a dirty diaper.

For you I would suggest a table spoon in a 8oz bottle/cup then watch her and see how long it takes her to have a dirty diaper.

Good luck.


answers from Columbus on

Have you tried prunes? My oldest always had problems and prune juice would usually help and if that didn't work then pureed prunes would do the trick. I can't imagine drinking Karo Syrup it is so thick, but I imagine it couldn't hurt if you were able to get it down ;)
Good luck, I know it can be almost as uncomfortable for the parents as for the children when these things happen!



answers from Indianapolis on

I have to agree with the previous post- NO KARO FOR BABIES! Please copy and paste this link into your browser and read the warning from the Mayo clinic:




answers from Fort Wayne on

I CAN'T believe that people STILL recommend Karo Syrup. IT CAN CAUSE BOTULISM PEOPLE! Seriously!!!! Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT give ANY child under the age of ONE Karo syrup OR honey! UGH!!! I can't tell you how many times I've posted this on here!!!! If your 7 month old is having trouble with constipation, add more fruit, and water to her diet. Try prunes or prune juice, that should get thing moving.



answers from Cincinnati on

Most will tell you that it is not safe but, we tried everything for our little girl to ease the constipation without any results. Her pediatrician finally advised 1 tablespoon of karo syrup in 8 oz of water. BOIL the water and karo for 4 or 5 minutes, put it in a bottle and let it cool. Never give a baby that young Karo water without boiling it.



answers from Toledo on

I have never used the Karo Syrup, but my dr. recommended to me to use brown sugar and water mixture. It was 2 oz of water to 1 tbls of brown sugar.

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