7 Year Old Constipated

Updated on September 26, 2008
T.D. asks from Fort Cobb, OK
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My 7 year old is having a problem going to the bathroom and I don't really know how to help her. She was okay 2 days ago and I think she may have gotten a little dehydrated yesterday at a sale. She didn't eat much of anything and nothing new to cause this.

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So What Happened?

Things are great now we just had that one really bad day. I really appreciate all of you giving this great advise. She is now drinking juice instead of milk with her breakfast and that has helped. I think she gets plently of fiber because we eat alot out of the graden. I thought she was drinking water on that day but come to find out she was playing in it so I think that was her problem. Thanks again.

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My 2 year old had the same problem. We tried to change her diet, etc. The dr. told us that there is a % of children who have this problem no matter what changes are made. He recommended Miralax. It is now otc. It works wonders. I now only have to give it to her about every 3 days to keep things going as they should. It mixes in with juice, milk, etc. and has no taste.

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Mirolax is an over the counter powder that helps loosen stools. It's not a laxative, as my doctor said it should be something that everyone should use daily. It's a white powder that does not smell bad or have a taste. I mix in whatever my kids are drinking at breakfast. For me, I just usually use it with water. It's very safe and doesn't cause a sudden urge. Just makes it a little easier. Hope that helps.



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My daughter is 4 years old and occasionally gets constipated. I used to just feed her more fiber, cut out all dairy, and load her up on water, fruits and raisins to try to naturally help her along. Well, that took too long and she suffered for it, which was unacceptable to me. I am not a big fan of using drugs unless absolutely necessary. I asked her pediatrician what I could do and she told me to use Miralax. You can buy it over the counter at any drug store or discount store, like Wal-Mart. It is oderless, colorless and tasteless and it works. It is not specifically for children - it is for anyone, but safe for children. Your child can't overdose on it, so if you don't get results the first try, keep adding to your daugter's drinks until she is able to have a movement. It works like nothing I've ever see - usually works in a couple of hours. My daughter does not even know I've put anything in her drink - it completely disolves and has no taste. It isn't a stool softener, so your daughter may feel some discomfort while going, but she will no longer be constipated.
I also try to limit milk and dairy products in my daughter's diet to about two servings a day and I give her only organic dairy which I'm sure you understand since you raise goats. Good luck. I know how bad you feel for them when they are uncomfortable.



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When my son became very constipated, his pediatrician told me to purchase some Miralax - it is an over the counter product now. It is not a laxative but it really helped him. It does not have any flavor nor smell and it does not change the taste of whatever you put it in for them to drink. My son never knew he was taking 'medicine' at all. It did the trick for him. I hope this helps.



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I helped raise my 2 nephews, both of which have had constant problems with going to the bathroom in one form or another. I found out that fruit and peppermint are natural laxatives. However, if you prefer, Caro syrup will do the trick up until they are about 8-10 years old.



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Our pediatrician said we should add a teaspoon or two of mineral oil to what our son was drinking. He never knew it was in his Kool-aid, and it worked. We only had to use it a couple of times for it to work. :)



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Try lots of juice, or you can take a glycerin suppository and insert it. It melts and when it melts a little she will start to go. They are really small and work wonders. Also, if it is just really hard, you can give her a stool softner and alot of times once it gets soft it comes right out. I had to use a glycerin suppository on my son when he was an infant and it worked. Hope this helps you out.



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Make sure she drinks plenty of water and try to get some fiber in her diet. Fruits like apples and grapes can help and raw vegetables like carrots.If you can get her to drink prune juice or eat prunes that will help right away. Changing her eating habits is better than giving her medicine for constipation, unless something needs to be done right away.
If so, call her doctor and ask what is the best thing for her to take right now, then after that works, change her diet.
Hope this helps.



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sounds like she needs probiotics. Perhaps she has taken alot of antibiotics and no probitics behind them to restore her normal flora. Sounds like her gut flora is out of balance. I would go to the health food store and get a good pribiotic. Also make sure she gets plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains that contain fiber. Also she needs half her weight in ounces of water.



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It sounds like your child might just need a little more fiber in thier diet. Does your 7 yr old like raisens? Or you can purchase some chewable fiber tablets from one of your local stores. Sometimes kids hold thier bowels because it hurts have you asked? If it does hurt when they go you might want to purchase some mineral oil to help out the going process just add in to a glass of juice for the easiest way to get them to take it. I have a son with a bowel disorder and one of the main factor in alot of normal kids problem is they don't drink enough water & don't get enough exercise that move the waste thru the colon for a proper bowel movement. Too much sugary drinks can crystalize in the colon which blocks the waste from exiting the childs colon during a movement. Alot of Dr's these days make a bad choices by telling the parent to give thier kids Karol syrup, it was one old method that Dr's use to suggest, but it is pure sugar! It can do more harm then help especially in a child under teenage yrs. It also crystalizes in the colon and can damage nerve endings. And only use supposatories for the last resort for a child can come to depend on those. Just add more fiber, water, veggies that contain fiber, raisens/grapes, even a lil bit of coffee can be use to loosen up the bowels. Good luck to you!



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You may try having her drink more water to get her system fully hydrated. Apple, white grape, or pear juice would work for my boys when they were smaller. Prune juice is an option as well.

If you don't mind giving her a laxative, I recommend Miralax. It used to be prescribed but is now over the counter. It is very gentle (doen't cause cramps or pain) and works by the next day. Whenever my boys get a little constipated I give it to them. Once they go they seem to get back on schedule. I even use it myself occasionally and have never had a bad experience with it.

Good luck!



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When my 7 year old get constipated, I give her grapes. It works every time. Good luck!



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Pear juice is second in laxative power to prune juice, and tastes much better. You should be able to find it in the baby aisle. Coconut and watermelon also have laxative effects if you eat too much. I think it has to be real coconut flakes though, not coconut flavored cookies!