7 Month Old with Acid Reflux!

Updated on November 17, 2010
J.E. asks from Alexandria, VA
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I have a 7 month old infant with severe acid reflux. He was colic for the first 6 weeks after birth, then we started him on a medacine called Prevacid which helped a great deal. We also found out he was lactose intolerant and also could not tolerate breat milk, so he is on lactose-free formula. The last two weeks I have noticed the reflux returning, he has been very fussy and not wanting to be left alone or layed down flat. He was refusing the bottle at first, and then refused food as well (which he has never done). He started projectile vomiting,which is when I took him to a pediatrician. The Doctor said she didn't know what was wrong with him, and decided to double the amount of prevacid he takes per day (which doesn't help much when he vomits most of it up). Has anyone else had this issue, what did you do? I'm very worried, my son has went from extremely happy and energetic to fussy, constantly unhappy and inactive. I was told that most infants grow out of their acid reflux issues within a few months, but his are seeming to just get worse now.

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I have a friend whose son has acid reflux -- he is now 9 and still struggles with eating. I think you should see a specialist.

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Prevacid (Solutabs) gave my LO insomnia. He was put on Nexium. He did "outgrow" it at about 8.5 months, and has since been med free (he just turned 1). He still has some occasional flare ups, but they are manageable with Mylanta Cherry Supreme. But many babies do not outgrow it. I know some toddlers who still have it and require meds.

Here are 2 websites that helped me so much when my LO was first diagnosed with reflux: www.marci-kids.com and www.refluxrebels.com. Awesome sites with tons of great info, as well as a support community of mom's/dad's who have been through it/are going through it. Parenting a LO with reflux is not easy, I know. It's so hard to not know exactly what will make him feel better, and sometimes all you can do is cry with him (I've been there plenty of times).

I believe that my son's amber teething necklace has helped his reflux. It's supposed to help with teething pain, as well as headaches and some other pains, but within 2 weeks of him wearing the amber, he was med free!!!! Hazelwood is what's supposed to help with reflux, but I think the amber also works! www.inspiredbyfinn.com and www.hazelaid.com are 2 sites you can read more about amber and hazelwood, and also order if you would like.

Message me if you have any questions, or just need an "ear" to listen! Hope you find a solution soon so he can get some relief.

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My son had very severe reflux. Two pediatricians, Two Gastroenterologists, a couple different relux meds and a trip to the ER because of dehydration from all the vomitting and all we got were recommendations of a feeding tube. I started giving him yogurt every morning at 8 months (against the drs recommendation) and I had a completely new child. Huge vomits became normal spit-ups. At 10 months he was on table food and the vomitting completely disappeared.

Its up to you and what you're comfortable with, but if I have another child with reflux problems, I will turning to yogurt earlier on because I trully believe the probiotics in it are what healed his reflux problems.



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My son had reflux and a milk in tolerance, too. When he was 3 months old we also switched from breast milk to formula because he was just happier on the constant diet the formula could provide. Variations in the breast milk from what I was eating, even without milk or soy, was just too much for his sensitive tummy. He was on Pepcid for the reflux, but what we did find was it got worse if he was teething or had a cold, especially as he was getting over a cold. All of the extra saliva/mucus going into his tummy aggravated it. As he got bigger, we also had to increase the dose to keep up with his weight, so it does not sound unreasonable that you had to up the dose. I think most are supposed to grow out of the reflux by 9 months. My son is a year and we are still seeing signs of it here and there. He has been off the medicine since 11 months so it has gotten better. It's a lot of trial and error. Having said that, if you are worried and your doctor is not offering you a solution you are comfortable with, try another doctor. Good luck! It's no fun to have an unhappy baby who can't tell you what is wrong!



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Reflux is a strange thing. Many times it does have to do with a food allergy or sensitivity. If you know your child has a lactose issue, make sure you avoid foods with whey and casein as well. Chiropractic care can help his system resolve the reflux issue. There are many chiropractors in your area that work with infants and children. If you want a referral, please feel free to contact me.



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First-get a new doctor. When I have heartburn-I take a tablespoon or two of vinegar. I'm not suggesting that you give this to a baby, but it works-within minutes because the body stops producing acid once one is introduced. It takes an acid to neutralize an acid. Now-thicken baby's food with rice cereal-there is also formula thickened with rice cereal-not sure about the lactose intolerance issue-I would be very leary of any doctor who would put an infant on a medication used by adults that is as unecessary as prevacid-what? A seven month even spitting up-is getting some nourishment-but this must be addressed immediately.



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J., when my daughter (who is 9 now) was a baby, she had acid reflux and Prevacid didn't work. Her pediatrician put her on Carafate Suspension - that was used before "eating" a meal and it was a miracle drug. She was like a different child. Check with your pediatrician about trying this medication. Good Luck!



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My twins ended up needing to switch to a different med when the 1st one stopped working, but their reflux wasn't as severe as your baby's sounds :( I would push the pediatrician for a better answer, med change, or referral to a pediatric GI..good luck!

p.s. Have you tried elevating one side of the crib to keep his head up? I also let mine sleep strapped in to their bouncer chairs or swing when the reflux was bad, it seemed to help keep the acid down a little.



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Hi J.,

I find it strange that he could not tolerate breast milk.Unless you are eating something that he can't tolerate, he should be fine with breastfeeding. You've talked to the doctor and they have no idea. I'd try the Le Leche League and see if they have any ideas. This really doesn't sound like Acid Reflux or a lactose intolerance. If it is, go to http://www.ivillage.com/can-baby-be-allergic-breastmilk/6... It's written quite suscinctly.

God bless,




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Try a different reflux med -- my son had a similar situation. We had to try several different reflux meds till we found the one that worked well for him. He was on it for 2 years, but thankfully out grew it. Good Luck!!! I know exactly what you are going through and it is not fun.

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