7 Month Old Super Congested..

Updated on December 01, 2009
R.A. asks from Island Lake, IL
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Anyone have any extra advice on helping with congestion? I have done the humidifier, warm shower steam, and saline drops in the nose. Going to try baby rub on the back and chest tonight. How long should I expect my little one to be congested? First time getting a cold and super paranoid about breathing ok. Is it OK to take baby outside in the cold with congestion?? btw, where does the phlem go? We can spit it out but babies do not?.....Thanks!

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My 4-month-old has been like this nearly from birth. He has a "flappy vocal chord" thing he'll outgrow. Lots of phlem too, that often causes him to "choke," and I pop up to make sure he's OK. Babies get colds and are fine, but yes, it's miserable for all involved.

I bought the Nose Frida (made in Sweden). It sounds odd, but it works. Much better than those bulbs from the hospital. You suck in air and a glob will come out of baby's nose. Then he smiled at me. So, that's the route we've taken. First spray saline, then use the Nose Frida. Hope he feels better!

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We can blow our noses, but babies can't, so that is where the bulb comes in. You should have gotten one from the hospital when your baby was born. My pediatrician says to use the saline drops to loosen the mucus, then use the bulb to suck the mucus out. It really works. It's a pain, and usually a 2-person job--one to hold the baby, the other to suck the boogers out! I just bought a battery-powered nasal aspirator at Target for $25 and it works much better than the bulb. I still use the saline drops first, then the aspirator. My 3 month old daughter is going through this right now, too. We have the crib elevated on one side so she is upright when she sleeps and we use a humidifier. That's about all you can do. Good luck!

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answers from Spartanburg on

Sounds like you're doing a great job! Keep up the the humidifier, warm shower steam, and saline drops. They really help a lot.
To make it easier to breath elevate the head of the crib by placing a thick phonebook under the mattress. It will help your little one sleep better. Don't get it up so high that baby slips down though. During the day you can keep baby upright in a swing or bouncy seat.
As far as taking babies out and about while sick, I always try to keep my little one inside as much as possible when she has the sniffles.
Good luck to you and I hope your little one feels better soon!

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