7 Month Old One Arm Commando Crawl

Updated on April 01, 2015
J.R. asks from Tucson, AZ
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So my seven month old has started army crawling around the house lately I've noticed he uses his right arm more to move forward and I'm wondering if I should be concerned. He's deceloping normally hit all milestones and uses both hands to play/reach for toys and his pediatrician says he has good muscle tone. Wondering if anyone has any insight? He's just started getting on all fours every once and a while and is obsessed with standing. Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on

My DD did that, too. I wouldn't worry about it. She did get up on her hands and knees after a while, and did this knee walking thing before she walked on her feet. Totally normal 1st grader now.

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answers from Austin on

My daughter did this weird one arm, one leg thing, where she'd sort of be crawling with half her body, and the other half would be raised up. It looked painful and awkward (it wasn't painful to her, only to us as her parents who couldn't imagine trying to navigate like that!), but it got her places very efficiently until she mastered walking. My nephew rolled like a human hamster ball instead of crawling, and my son never crawled at all. He sat up and bounced and then stood, shakily, until he could take some steps. The way that kids figure out how to get from one place to another can be fascinating, puzzling and downright funny! Sounds like your boy is just a creative crawler!

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answers from San Diego on

My daughter never did the traditional hands and knees crawling thing. She did this sort of twisting barrel roll where she'd stretch her arm out in the direction she wanted to go, crane her head around to look in the direction she wanted and then sort of rolled, twisted and scooted herself in that direction. It was the weirdest thing to see after 2 boys that did the traditional hands and knees crawl. Her doctor said she was just fine. It didn't matter how she chose to get where she was going, it was more important that she wanted to get somewhere and found a way to get there. She traveled on furniture, standing, a lot longer then my boys did too before finally taking steps on her own. She's nearly 6 and is doing perfectly fine. She just had her own way of doing things and she did them in her own time. She also had 2 brothers that loved helping her out so she didn't need to do as much for herself LOL



answers from Atlanta on

I am so happy to say, don't worry at all. My grandson did and still does that even though he knows how to crawl the "normal" way. We were out the other day and he was crawling and someone said, "oh, the commando crawl." We talked and her son did the same thing. Her son is now 20 and went through every milestone normally.


PS my grandson also does a butt schooch..he doesn't like to crawl on his knees with the hardwood floors, lol.


answers from New York on

My youngest granddaughter just rolled to get to tables so she could pull herself up to stand. Didn't really crawl all that much. I wouldn't be concerned at all.



answers from New York on

Don't worry at all. He is comfortable getting around like this. Many babies do it that way.



answers from Miami on

One of my kids pushed off with one foot while he was army crawling. He never pushed off with the other one. I don't think you have anything to worry about.



answers from Chicago on

As long as he is using his arm for everything else, I would not worry.about it. He may just not like the feeling of th efloor on the left arm.

BTW, my son never did the commando or even all fours. He would have one foot down--bended knee-- and the other knee down and move around that way. He started walking at 10 months and now if I could only get him to sit down. He's almost 3 1/2.



answers from Portland on

This is normal. Kids learn in different ways and in different orders. They don't come programmed to learn in a certain way.



answers from Portland on

I'm guessing he'll be right handed? My kids always favored one side when they did things - my left handers used their left more.

I wouldn't worry about it - our kids all crawled differently (one only backwards) and one scooted about on their bottom. So many variations :)

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