7 Month Old on Similac Sensitive

Updated on November 18, 2010
L.F. asks from Baltimore, MD
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I have a 7 month old that is on similac sensitive. He has been on the sensitive since he was 2 weeks old. He has terrible gas trouble and was extremely fussy. So we switched from similac advanced to the sensitive. When he was a month old he was diagnosised with acid reflux and was put on Zantac. His spitting up has gotten much better. I was wondering if I am going to have to switch him back to the similac advanced in order for him to go to whole milk when he is a year old. Anyone have an suggestions.

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answers from Cumberland on

I don't think he has to go back to the first one in order to graduate to milk. Leave the "wondering" out of the mix-and consult with the pediatrician-every step of the way-until the children are around 25 years old-I'm not kidding-my children's pediatrician still sees them-when possible- and he is also my grandson's doctor.



answers from Richmond on

your doctor must have gotten a boatload of cash from the drug company rep. to be such as idiot as to put a one month old on a medication not recommended for anyone under twelve.makes me wonder whether they threw in a lapdance too.your baby was probably sesitive to something in either the medication that he is not supposed to be on, or possibly sensitive to something in the formula, switch doctors. the similac sesitive is soy based it typically makes them little fart machines for a while till their system gets used to it.
K. h.


your doctor is on the take, he should not given your child this medication it is not recommened for anyone under 12. it says so right on the package.
switch doctors. no, you dont have switch the child back to the other formula, just get him off the medication
K. h.



answers from Chicago on

I was in the same boat with all three of mine...The youngest now is 10 months old. We were on the enfamil nutramigen version. The best way to tell if you are going to have any issues is if you test him on some milk products. I was too chicken to try it with my first two but the third time is the charm and the sensitive formula is $$$$$$$$. I tested milk products before switching his formula. Vanilla ice-cream in small quantaties :) and Yo-baby yogurt made with whole milk. There are also Gerber graduate yogurt mixes and I tried these too. He did not have any reaction and so with "baited breath" switched him back to the regular formula. No issues whatsoever. I know of course all children are different but if he is tolerating the formula and baby food well you should give it a try.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would think if you mix milk in slowly with the formula and watch his reaction you shouldn't have to switch to the advanced before switching to milk. But again if you want to to save some money you could try...if he has a reaction just go back or you could test to see how much he can tolerate he may be able to tolerate a mix of sensitive and advanced. I know this sounds horrible but it's really one big experiment to see what they will and will not tolerate. He is old enough for yogurt. You could try some of that with him. Many people with lactose intolerances can tolerate yogurt because the lactose is broken down by the bacteria in the yogurt. Go for something more natural like the larger containers of Dannon or Greek yogurt. Fewer ingredients is more. Yoplait is terrible health wise (look at the ingredients) so I would avoid that with him. GL



answers from Philadelphia on

My son was on the orange Similac sensitive. There is also a purple label (?) I think, that is different. I just kept my son on the sensitive and slowly gave him milk once he turned one. He was fine with it. The dr also gave him ZAntac for reflux, but it was so gross and didn't seem to be helping so I took him off. Luckily he grew out of the worst of it.
I would just go slow with introducing milk, maybe even mix with formula for a little (I know, also so gross!), and maybe that will be easier on his belly.
Good luck!

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