7 Month Old Circumcision...OUCH!!!

Updated on June 03, 2010
E. asks from Seabrook, TX
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I will be taking my 7 month old to an urologist soon to be circumsized. It would have been done when he was born in the hospital, but the OB/GYN did not feel comfortable with doing it...and I wasn't going to push her to do it (obviously). So I spoke with some doctors and most of them wouldn't do the procedure until the child was one year old. I did find one that would do a 6month old. I really want to get this done as soon as possible. I didn't want to wait until my son was older to have this done. So I was just wondering if anyone else had gone through this with their sons. I also found out that he will have to put completely under...so not a local anesthesia, but a general anes. So he will be completely out. I'm really scared about this. But I just wanted to hear from some other mom's about their experiences...if there are any?!? :)

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So What Happened?

I've decided to have it done. My son will be circumsized this month. <sigh> I think it's best to have it done while he's young...and while Mommy has insurance! LOL No, but I do believe the good outweighs the bad. So thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions.

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Circumcision is really not necessary. The US is the ONLY country in the WORLD that Routinly circs infants.


For more information.

From a Momma who wishes she had known better.

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hi sorry i can't help i have five girl so never had to deal with it .i am not sure i would put my son thur that pain at his age if they could not do it a birth i would just leave it intact just teach him good cleaning hygean well best of luck



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I had my son recirced when he was just a year, i had him at U of M and apparently they have the students do it, because all my friends who have had thier sons at U of M have had to have it redone. I was so scared on how it was going to be afterwards but he was perfect and dealt with it very well, i was more of a mess, he never cried about it or seemed to be in any pain because of it from the time we came home and during the healing process. He was also still learning to walk so he was falling on his behind A LOT! But the best thing to put on it while it heals is Neosporin. Good luck!



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I would think about why you want it done and if it is really necessary. I choose not to have my son circumsized. I realize it is a choice, but there is little if any proven medical benefit. Essentially it is a cosmetic choice. I wouldn't put a 7 mos old through something so painful. If you feel it is necessary, why not wait until the procedure isn't so risky?



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I just wanted to say that I agree that is bull$$$$ that they wouldn't circ him at the hospital. You should have asked them to bring in another doctor who "felt comfortable" doing it. My son was in the NICU, so they didn't circ him until he was 10 days old and I got there about 5 minutes afterwards that morning. HE was SO upset and I felt really bad about it, but we wanted it done and they are going to have some pain no matter what. So don't feel bad about having it done. He'll be OK and atleast it will be over! Good Luck.



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This is not an answer. I would like to know if you were able to get it done and where. I have an eight month old who was not circumcised right after birth because of insurance issues. I am now in the process of finding a urologist who will do the surgery and administer local anesthesia. Please share your experience with me.





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E., I saw that you've made a decision, but I pray that you will give this information a second glance.


Please watch all 3 links. They are unique in various ways. It makes you aware of elements beyond the "being awake through pain" part. Trust your mom instinct! I will keep you and your little guy in prayer.




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i see that you worte this 2 years ago, and i was wondering how everything turned out for your son.
the same thing happened to my son! the doc said she didn't feel comfortable doing it. she said he was too small. he was just under 6 lbs i thought she was ridiculous!
then he was taken to the hospital with a fever only to find out he had a UTI.
after a series of tests they found out he has uretal reflux, which might be hereditary but might also have been caused by the UTI, which might have been caused by the lack of circ.
so we're getting it done when he's 7 months old too.
im nervous.



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Good luck with the surgery, Ifeel you are doing the right thing. I have put some articles on here that support (medically) circumcision, don't let anyone fool you into thinking it is just cosmetic. Cosmetic is docking dog tails and cropping dog ears, preventing your son from transmitting HPV to his soul mate and giving her cancer is something completely different.
Personally, I would never use that Dr again and would spread the word, that is horrible-she should have had another staff OB/GYN do it if she "wasn't comfortable". That is a medical liability nightmare.......



The most recent data indicate that circumcision is correlated with a 50-60% reduction in risk of HIV transmission (from female to male) during heterosexual intercourse




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My son is 15 years old and was re-circumcised at 8 months, he had just started crawling and I thought this would affect that part of his development. The whole thing did not bother him a bit, not even his crawling. Don't worry it will be fine!