7 Month Old and Solid Food

Updated on January 24, 2009
A.D. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My son is a litle over 7 months old and has been eating cereals/fruits & veggies since around 3 month. He has had a very bad spitting up problem. Medication has helped some but it helped more with the baby food. I would like to take him off the meds soon but he needs more solid foods. Doc okd cheerios and solid food with first tooth which he has now. ok, finally the ? What foods should I start him out on. I was suggested cheese and bread?

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answers from Minneapolis on

A., I have a very close friend with a 6 month old that had the same problems. She gives her baby ulimate aloe juice. Since the baby has been on it she has had no problems. She just gives her daughter 1oz a day in a bottle.
Studies have suggested that aloe, when consumed orally, imparts a wealth of health benefits, including aiding digestion and supporting the immune system. Ultimate Aloe® Juice is a rejuvenating tonic made from 100 percent aloe vera, 50 percent aloe concentrated powder, more than 200 nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including 13 of the 17 essential minerals needed for good nutrition. Supports a healthy digestive tract and promotes regularity within the bowel.
If you would like to know more about this go to www.marketamerica.com/pamrorman or send me a meesage.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I suggest getting some recipe's for homemade baby food here www.wholesomebabyfood.com and making him meals. Steer clear or anything that contains sugar and artificial colors and flavors.



answers from Grand Forks on

You can start your son on anything you feel comfortable. Anywhere from steaming veggies until they're soft, bananas and other fruits (mango, avacado, etc.) tofu. Anything (my ped said to wait on meat and berries until 9 months)! Try www.weelicious.com It's a great website for starting solids and has recipes for purees, fingerfoods, and foods for older kids. Have fun and good luck! (It is not true that babies need to be 1 year before they have dairy. My ped said cheese and whole milk yogurt is just fine to introduce dairy products at 8 months as long as there is no known allergy to dairy. He says no milk until 1 year because it doesn't have the same nutrition as formula and baby still needs all the formula he can get).



answers from Minneapolis on

I think that at 7 months, your son already has the quite the food repetoire under his belt. I'm not so sure I would do more than fruits, veggies, and cereals on a 7 month old who already had gastro issues, but here are some suggestions.....

When my son had 1 tooth, he loved chopped up noodles. If you don't want to chop them, you can just boil the tiny shell or ring pasta.

We also did peas, right out of the can.

Canned pears, peaches, and apricots chopped up.

Any ground meat (hamburger, turkey, chicken). Hot dogs chopped up (be sure to take the skin off first!!)

And you know what? Babies can eat anything you're eating. I bet I bought no more than a dozen jars of commercial "baby food". I put food in the blender or mashed it with a fork. (Most people advise staying away from nuts, honey, and shellfish until later on because they are high-allergen foods.)



answers from Lincoln on

babies shouldn't have dairy until they're one year old. What we did with our boys is we would just give them smaller portions of what we ate in little tiny pieces. They really liked the vienna sausages, and they are easy to eat.



answers from Rapid City on

cooked carrot sticks are good,babies like to hold things themselves,they also have a natural sweetness little ones like,also a good vitamin source,and easy on the tummy.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

My son loved real food, I had found a device not sure what it is called by Munchkin it is a mesh food sucker???? put solids in( meat, fruit, veggies) my son would gnaw on it get some small slivers and juices. He loved it. Bennett also would go for mashed potatoes, chicken doodle soup (cut noodles up good) add bit if potatoe flakes to thicken. Scrambled eggs crumbled and believe it or not oversized dill pickles I watched him with it fear of chocking but with only a few teeth were he could not bite so well he would suck the juice and get some pulp??? I am not saying those will work for your son or are even the best choices but we had luck. Maybe not the pickles cause of your sons spitting up problem. Ask doctor if a yougurt is do able at his age



answers from Minneapolis on

I'd start out with lots of veggies and fruits, to get him liking them! I started both my kids with fruits and veggies, and they will still choose frozen corn over crackers.



answers from Milwaukee on

Anything that is soft enough for him to mash in his mouth. Any soft veggies that are small.
Applesauce, cottage cheese, cheese, breads, egg yolks (not whites) meats and soft fruits. Very small pieces. You can give him anything you eat that does not pose a choking hazard or too spicy.

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