7 Foot Tree, How Many Lights or Strands?

Updated on November 05, 2011
M.C. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
8 answers

Does anyone know how many strands of lights or number of lights I will need?


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So What Happened?

Thanks! Wow, Victoria--what a beautiful tree!

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answers from Dayton on

I guess I am nuts. I usually put over 20 100ct. light strands on mine.
I wrap every single branch. :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

It really does depend on how you put them on the tree. My mother and I both do it the same way... we wrap each individual branch, from the trunk out and around the tips(the ones big enough to support lights anyway)... so for me or my mom, a 7 foot tree would probably take about 1,000 lights. However many strands that works out to be.

Last year, my tree was about 8.5 feet, and I had over 1200 lights on it. Might have been around 1400... I stopped keeping track, lol. When you wrap the branches like this, it really does make the tree "glow"... not just sparkle on the outside. :)
Maybe I'll add a profile pic so you can see what mine looked like last year...

Ok... don't know why, but it turned my picture sideways! :(

ETA: Thanks! The pic shows the tree lit only by the lights on it. It was night, and the room had only peripheral lighting, while I turned the flash on the camera off. It wasn't decorated yet. Putting the lights on usually takes me 2-3 days of 2-3 hours work each day. THEN come the ornaments, lol.
ooh-- sorry to keep adding... but, the shape of the tree matters, too. We usually shop for a very Xmas tree shaped tree... not too skinny, not too fat. Some people prefer fat roundish trees, some need skinny to fit their space... a skinnier tree needs fewer lights, a fat tree needs lots more!

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answers from Washington DC on

We're light people so I would have probaby 8-10 strands and wrap individual branches like Victoria.

We always have two trees. One is real, one is a white fake one. I use 10 strands of white lights and a strand of red on the white tree. It is 6.5 ft tall. Those branches hold lights.

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answers from Minneapolis on

It really depends on what kind of density you're looking for. I'd say at least four, more likely six. BTW, I wouldn't spend the money on more expensive lights. We did, and they died pretty much as fast as the cheaper ones.

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answers from Richmond on

On a 5 or 6ft tree, depending on how thick/dense the needles and branches are, I use probably 5-6 100 count strands... good rule of thumb: 1 (100ct) strand per foot, then more if it's a really thick tree :)

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answers from Charleston on

I wrap the branches like Victoria, so the more the better. :) I like my tree to glow. I'd say maybe 8-10 strands to get the effect I like.



answers from Detroit on

The rule of thumb is 100 lights for each foot, so 700 lights or 7 strands. But I usually use more, also. I don't wrap each branch, but I always have a live tree. I like lots of lights, so I string in near the trunk and out near the ends.



answers from Detroit on

I like LOTS of lights...I would go for at least 8 or 10 100-light strands.

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