6 Yr Old Son Has Asperger's and Wont Stop Cursing

Updated on March 25, 2010
K.S. asks from West Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms,

My 6 year old has Asperger's and is constantly cursing. I've done time-outs, taken toys away, used positive rewards for not cursing and so on. He just can't seem to stop. He tells me he HAS to get the words out. His favorite word is "dammit" (which of course he got from me) and he is using it all day long.

Any suggestions?

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would have him checked for Tourette's Syndrome. The fact that he tells you he "HAS" to get the words out means that maybe he can't really control it. My son has the same issue. He's PDD-NOS (another autism spectrum disorder) and also has tics, both verbal and physical, because of Tourettes. I wish "dammit" were the worst word we hear from him. He's 12 and knows ALL the bad words, unfortunately. Our home sounds something like this: "F&*k!"..."Hey, watch your language!!!" "Sorry..."......................"Sh$t!!"... "LANGUAGE!!!"... "Sorry..." He's able to control it (with lots and lots of effort) in public, but at home, in his comfort zone, we let him get away with it a lot more, we just give him the "WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!!!!" reminder.

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answers from Rapid City on

Is it possible that he has Tourett's related to his Asperger's? Many people who suffer from Tourett's feel like they have to say it because they have no control over it. I would recommend bringing it up to his doctors and/or therapists and see what they say.

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answers from Portland on

I agree that he might be exhibiting a Tourette's symptom. If so, he may feel an intense, immediate urge to curse that is at least as difficult to resist as scratching a strong itch.



answers from San Francisco on

My 6 year old son may have Aspergers- we are in the process of getting a diagnosis.
This is a tough question. I would advise that all people stop cursing around him. My son has picked up some of my husband's sayings like, "for God's sake!". So, we are watching what we say and now he is repeating more "G" rated things. Also, we explain to him right away that it is not OK for kids to say that. But do not make a big deal otherwise. So, maybe ignore it?
Good luck



answers from Chicago on

Look into EFT or energy tapping. You can find a class or therapist who knows the technique or a practitioner who can teach it to you. It is helpful for all kinds of issues.



answers from Portland on

It definitely sounds like Tourette's. (My 14 year has Tourette's) About 6 is the time it usually shows up, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It is very common for children to present multiple "disorders". ADD, Tourette's, Learning Disabilities, OCD... The list goes on. Some day they will find the connection but for now we treat one issue at a time. Don't allow the media portrayal of Tourettes scare you, often the symptoms can be very mild, albeit irritating :).

Please go see a pediatric nuerologist.



answers from Atlanta on

Are you familiar with social stories? They are used with autistic children to reinforce positive behaviors. You could try one for cursing. It would go something like: When (child's name) is upset are upset he can say "Oh darn, or shoot (or whatever you deem acceptable). It makes Mommy and Daddy happy when (child's name). uses oh darn and shoot to show that he is upset. It is not okay to say dammit. I makes mommy and daddy, and (teacher's name) upset when (child's name ) says dammit. Dammit is not a nice word. Nice word to use when you are upset are oh shoot or darn, not dammit, etc.. The point is to be repetitive, show positive alternative, show the effects of the behaviors, and make the story personal. Use the child's name as much as possible and put pictures in the book of the people it is talking about looking happy and upset. You can google social stories for more ideas. I know it sounds cheesy but they do work. You will have to read it over and over. You can read it when you want to remind him how to behave before the cussing occurs and after he cusses. You may also want to give him an outlet, tell him to go to his room and cuss all he wants if he really needs to get it out. That can be part of the story (When child feels that he needs to cuss he goes to his room. That makes mommy and daddy proud).

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