6 Yr Old Son Doesn't like Homework!

Updated on July 26, 2007
J.J. asks from Lake Forest, CA
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Hi there. I have a 6yr old son in kindergarten, now in school, his teacher says he does good but has the tendency to copy some work from other students rather than creating something himself. His teacher and I agree that it's not the fact that he doesn't know how to do it, but more along the lines of not wanting to do it for himself. He's a bright boy and knows his stuff but when it comes to putting him to the test such as sounding out words, he starts to whine and it gets frustrating, but when I stop testing him, he starts reading and sounding out words like no other. I also noticed that my 4 yr old son,who will be starting kindergarten this coming school year, is starting to do the same thing. I want to nip this in the bud, but I'm unsure how I can do this without making my kids (and myself) feel overwhelmed. Please help!

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So What Happened?

First I want to say to everyone, thank you for all your advise. I've tried a few things this week, like telling him we would go see his favorite movie when it came out if he did his homework, and sure enough he DID!!! So today we went to see TMNT. He was so happy and proud that he was able to go though the week without getting (too) frustated. I will continue to try new things to keep him interested in his work. Again thank you to all for your suggestions!

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Hi Jacyln. Why don't you try to reward him for good work? Like, if he does his homework, let him have a fab treat you normally wouldn't give him. Or promise to do something fun at the end of the week, like go to dinner. My brothers have a hard time doing homework. We usually make a big fuss when they get stuff right. You know, we praise them, and that makes them want to do it again, because they like the praise and attention. Or you could even try to make homework time fun by playing little mind games with him. Let him know that you are VERY intrested in him doing a good job, and see if that helps. Good luck and Best Wishes! W/B soon and let us know how it goes. T.



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Dear J.,

No, he is not lazy, he is afraid that he doesn't know well enough to strike out on his own, and it puts pressure on him to have to perform. You did say that he can do it on his own, didn't you? After he does it on his own, then ask him to show you and tell you about his work. Be sure to sit down and be companionable, and act like you really are interested in what he can do. Like you would a dear friend.

Also, this is a sort of normal stage that some children go through. They think that they have to do something perfectly right away, and of course they can't. Noone can. So you need to give them some time to be beginners and that is when you help build their confidence in their own abilities. Good Luck, C. N.



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I had the same problem with my daughter who is the same age as your son. What I started to do with her is do our homework together. Since you are in school it makes it easier i would think. Im not so I have to find something that would look like homework to her. You can sit at the kitchen table and work together. Also have him look for words in you school books that he recognizes. Pretend you don't know it and you need his help. My trick is to make my daughter feel like she taught me how to do it. It inpowers them. Good luck!!!!!



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I am also a mother of two- but I have to take care of the school homework and discipline at the same time, so you can understand what I face on a daily basis, then your problem does not seem so bad.
Anjel 7 has been retained one year due to lack of learning, not that he doesn't know the material= he doesn't know it for her, if the student does not like the teacher, then it is all south from there.
My advice to you is to stop using the word' test' and just do the homework like nothing. That helped my son a lot in kinder and now it has superceded in 1st grade, his frustration is still there but only because he wants to get it done to watch t.v. - result a smart child with other activities besides t.v and enjoying a book with Dr. Seuss...
He will get it, just be patient and be there, you are lucky becuase you get to be there with your children every day when they get home from school- I have to rely on daycare so that I can have a career! It will be okay, just stay focused on the positive, that is what gets me thru the day.

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