6 Year Old with Twitching Problem

Updated on March 05, 2013
K. asks from Tampa, FL
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Hi Moms! My very bright/gifted 6.5 year old just started a nervous twitch. About a week ago it started with a purposeful blinking of his eyes, then it stopped but progressed to his arms and now he kind of jerks his head to the side and shrugs up his shoulders. Its hard to describe...I have seen versions of this in other family children years ago and they all seemed to out grow it. Just wondering if any of you were seeing it in your children and if I should just wait for him to out grow it or if it could be something more serious. He does not do it in his sleep. I have removed a lot of his computer games/ DS games that tend to make him very anxious and I am hoping for some improvement. My next step is to the Dr. but I always get this "wait and see" response. So I thought I would check in with all of the moms out there who really know whats going on with our kids anyway:-)

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all of you Moms out there for all of your great input! I took my son off all computer and hand held games and the nervous twitches almost completely went away. The Doctor we saw encouraged us not to "label it" as any specific discorder, but just try and manage his stress. Things are much better now - Thanks again!

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It sounds like Tourette's. Many people are familiar with Tourette's people that yell out obscenities, but it's very common for minor versions of Tourette's to have eye blinking or other ticks.


According to the Mayo Clinic signs usually start between ages 7-10. Risk Factors include a premature birth or a family history. You could read through their info and see if you see any other symptoms that sound familiar.

My friends husband has Tourette's and just has physical tics. He is completely functional, it doesn't interfere with his life. (Just so you know)

Good luck Mom.

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My oldest son has had tics since he was 2. It peaked when he was in junior high. We took him to a neurologist and discussed medicating it. We decided not to medicate. He is now 19 and still has a minor tic. It is exacerbated when he is stressed out or competing or plaing video games. It has not caused any significant problems in his life and he is still eligible to be in the military with it. I was told it is not Tourettes because he has no verbal tics, only physical ones. If you choose to medicate, research the side effects. The meds they suggested for my son had side effects worse than what he was suffering from, which included weight gain, drooling, depression and other tics. I discussed it with him as an adult (he was 12 at the time) and he said, why would I want to do that to myself? And we opted to not do anything. My uncle had it too and he outgrew it as an adult.

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Make an appointment with a neurologist. Tourette does not have to manefest with verbal tics to be diagnosable, and that you already know he has anxiety should be two reasons to see a professional.

I would not wait.


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My son had the same problem at the same age. For my son, it turned out to be food allergies. Mold also caused this. We had to get rid of our mold problem and I had to keep him away from gluten. Gluten allergies can cause neurological problems. I found this out by going to a homeopathic doc and by my own research. The ER docs and his regular doctor said it wasn't seizures, like we thought and didn't have an answer or cure. Once we figured it out, it took awhile for these to subside completely but eventually they went completely away. Good luck to you!

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my sis's kids did/do this. the oldest is about to turn 8 and i think she has finally grown out of it. she started the continuous blinking and the dr said it was a twitch and to ignore it. the more my sis called her out on it, the more she did it. after ignoring it, she finally stopped. now my nephew has started doing it too and i just realized that my sis does it too when she is anxious. i guess the kids picked up on it.

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I agree with Heather A. it does sound like Tourette's and it is something that is not to be ashamed of!!!

Someone I love has it and I would have never known unless I was told about it and this person is very successful with family,friends,work.

What you need to do is get your son to a Pediatric Neurologist for a formal diagnosis. Also the most common "trigger" is Stress/Anxiety.
Good Luck

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My guess, as i have known children with similar symptoms-- also very bright and gifted-- is that it is Tourette's.

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