6 Year Old Tea Party

Updated on April 01, 2011
N.L. asks from Willow Springs, IL
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This year, we have decided to do an in-home birthday party for my 6 year old daughter. I would like to do a little tea party theme. I am thinking of finger sandwiches, tea/punch, princess dresses, games, crafts. I am not the most creative person, so seeking some ideas from other mothers. Mind you, I will be 37 weeks pregnant when hosting this party.

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answers from Boise on

My dtr was recently invited to a tea party and the hostess had "formal" hats for each of the girls that were super cute! With Easter around the corner I'd keep my out at the dollar section at target for hats and then just glue gun fake flowers and tulle to the hats in different colors.

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answers from Chicago on

A friend of ours did this for her daughter's 5th b-day and it was very cute. It was a Fancy Nancy Tea Party. She went to Goodwill and bought mismatched tea cups and saucers for each girl to drink from and then keep. The girls decorated straw hats with dried flowers, and they each wore a little boa (purchased through oriental trading). A friend of the mom's also did a short little French lesson with the girls, which was cute. They curtsied to each other and said Bon Jour.

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answers from Reading on

I just did a tea party for my daughters 6th birthday. We kept it small, a total of 6 girls. They all wore fancy dresses and I had a very fancy table scape. I made finger sandwiches, tea, hot chocolate, had fresh fruit and used our real china. I made fancy water (with fresh fruit in it) and put it in fancy goblets. Then we played a few games like musical chairs, place the tea cup on the saucer (like pin the tail on the donkey) and pass the gift. That's a game where the present is wrapped about 20 times and when the music stops the child holding it gets to unwrap it. Then you keep going until the final wrapping comes off and that child gets to keep the gift. Every few layers, put a peice of candy in there to keep their interest.
After games we had a dessert tray along with a cake but all the girls had a small sampling of each of the desserts. There was still a little time afterward so we made picture frames that I'd gotten decoratative supplies for.
I also decorated with lots of fresh flowers and invited the mom's to stay to enjoy the experience with their daughters. It was a huge success and very memorable!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

How fun! We did a family tea party birthday party/dinner for my oldest daughter when she was around that age. We had a tea pot cake (with smaller tea cup cakes (not cupcakes, but little cakes that looked like cups!). And, we served cornish game hens on a bed of wild rice with Huntington carrots. The entire family dressed up, boys/men in suits/ties, the ladies all in fancy dresses. We all sipped tea. She LOVED it. It was so special. I like your ideas of finger sandwiches. You can have choc dipped strawberries, truffles, scones, fruit, lemon curd (yum!!), jams. I would probably have a few different types of tea in tea pots, and let the girls pick which ones they want. Let them use sugar cubes and cream for the tea. We host tea parties all the time, and the girls just love trying all the different flavors. If you have silver or china, use it. Make a pretty centerpiece. At one tea party I went to, each place setting had a place card, which was actually a sugar cookie in a rectangle, with the person's name piped onto it in frosting, along with a scalloped edge of frosting. So pretty and dainty. You might buy a few accessories for the girls to dress up with, and that can be their "gift" bag, but used during the party. For the craft, they can maybe dip the strawberries, or otherwise help you make the goodies for the party. Most little girls love helping in the kitchen. You might want to have a lot of it done, but have a few things for the girls to work on to "finish it up." Enjoy!!

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answers from Dover on

Sounds great. You can also add finger-sized desserts like cookies etc. Have tea and pink lemonade. If you have some dress up clothes for the girls that would be great (can get some for cheap from goodwill) or ask the girls to come dressed up (maybe make it a Fancy Nancy party?).

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answers from Seattle on

there is a company called Tealightful Treasures and they do in home Tea parties where the host can earn free tea and such. They would come over and have you sample about 3-4 teas and make scones the girls can learn how to bake the scones and learn how to properly brew tea. Moms could come over too and purchase tea. You could even maybe donate what you earn in host credit to a womens shelter or something. Anyways the cost to you would only be I think $22.50 to be a prefered host which gets you four tea samples a scone mix and a dip sample usually. You can find a consultant in your area at their website which is www.tealightfultreasures.com I am signed up as a consultant for them not doing much with it and I am in Washington so I wouldnt be able to help you much more then letting you know how to find a consultant. Great tea all loose leaf and the scones are awesome!



answers from Chicago on

We did this for my daughter's birthday too and had a great time! We purchased tea cups and a teapot from Goodwill. We decorated the table with some "fancy" plates that looked like glass but were really plastic, the teacups, and some flowers in the middle. We served finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and pretzels. We played "hot potato" with a plastic toy teapot, and also played freeze dance...which was a huge hit! The girls all wore pretty dresses. Each girl got to take their teacup home and we also gave out goody bags, which were some fuzzy, girly purses that I purchased @ the dollar store, and filled with lip gloss, nail polish, etc, all from the dollar store.

There is so much you can do! Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

We had a tea party for my 7 year old daughter just for fun a few months ago. She invited 6 friends. We made finger sandwiches and fruit bowls for lunch. They sat at the formal dining table and my son acted as a server and served everyone their food. They ate on my great grandmother's china dishes. For drinks we served hot tea or lemonade. Afterwards the girls just did their own thing.

My 4 year old went to a tea party birthday party and they decorated their own tea cup from Crate and Barrel that they got to take home with them. They also played dress up.



answers from Chicago on

When my oldest turned 5 we had a tea party. I made invitations shaped like a teapot from cardstock. Then you pulled a "tea bag" which was cardstock and a piece of ribbon, out of the "pot".

I baked her cake, I used 2 glass Pyrex bowls. I frosted it with pink frosting and used yellow to add polka dots all around it. I then made a circle around the top to represent the opening where the lid goes. I used the candy melt circles and melted them in the microwave, then put the melted candy in a baggie. Snipped off the corner of the baggie and piped a handle and spout onto wax paper. When it hardened I stuck it in the cake.

We invited everyone to come dressed for a tea party, but being that her b-day was close to Easter (BEFORE Easter) I put please wear play dresses, not GOOD clothes. :) Just to be safe.

Have fun!

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