6 Year Old Lost a Molar!

Updated on July 14, 2011
A.Y. asks from Radcliff, KY
4 answers

My daughter just turned 6 two weeks ago and all of a sudden her top right and left molar's are loose. She hasn't lost any other teeth. Is this ok? Has anyone else experienced this?

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answers from Dallas on

If it was her 2 yr molar it could be the 6 yr molar had an ectopic eruption.
The 6 yr molar can resorb part of the root causing the baby tooth to become loose. If this is the case she will need a space maintainer to hold the space open for the permanent tooth.



answers from New York on

Check with the dentist - she might need a space maintainer.


answers from Dallas on

I would certainly check with your dentist.

My daughter started losing her teeth at 4 and by early 11 yrs old she had already lost all the teeth she was supposed to lose and got her 12 yr molars. Some kids do lose them early.

Thankfully, she has a perfect set of teeth and no orthodontics were necessary.



answers from Detroit on

never experienced this. I don't think the 6 year old is suppose to loose a molar so call your dentist today.

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