6 Year Molars Very Early!

Updated on February 19, 2008
T.S. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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Does anyone have any experience with fast/early teethers?

My son started off pretty normal, got his first two teeth at 5 months. The next two the next month. Anyway, by his first birthday he had 18 teeth and had all of his baby teeth include molars at 15 months. His own doctor and another pediatrician we see occasionally have both made comments about his teeth. "I have never seen an 11 month old with 18 teeth!"

Anyway,turned 2 last month. I just took him to the dr thinking he had an ear infection, and found out his third set of molars are coming in. These teeth are commonly called "six year old molars!"

Has anyone ever had an experience of something like this. He is really uncomfortable (as you can imagine) because the teeth are WAY in the back of his mouth. I was an early teeth kid as well (started loosing baby teeth at 4 got these molars around then too) but nothing like this! I'm also concerned because I am pretty sure these are the first of the permanent teeth.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's input! My husband took him to the pediatric dentist on Thursday. She told him that the teeth coming in behind his two year molars were NOT his next molar! The pediatrician was mistaken. She told him that sometime the molars come in in two sections and this part is simply the back end of the existing molar. Phew!
Thanks again.

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Have not experienced or heard of teething this fast! However, my oldest son got teeth quickly and as a result tends be more prone to cavities than my younger son whose teeth came in much slower.
Make sure your son is taking or getting flouride regularly and see the dentist about getting the molars sealed if they truly are the first set of permanent ones so that he does not lose them early to decay since they may be more suceptible. Good Luck!

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Hi T.,
I have some experience with both early teeth (my brother and my son) and late teeth (me). The advantage of somewhat early teeth is apparently the jaw has time to develop to meet the needs of the teeth where as with my late teeth my jaw was fully developed before my teeth were all in and there was no space for them.

My son started teething very, very early but has been erratic since with some early and fast moving teeth and some slower.

If your son's teeth are all otherwise normal this may just be a natural variation with no harm. It would be wise though to consult a dentist who is well versed with child dental development and check that there is nothing to be concerned about. Anytime a child (or adult) falls significantly out of the normal curve for something it is worth further evaluation even though it is usually nothing to panic about.

Take care
K. H.

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Dear T.,

I understand what your going through my daughter who is now six had her first tooth at 3 months, and all of her childhood teeth by the 1 year mark.
Have you taken your son to see the dentist yet? Most towns nowadays have great pediatric dentist and should be able to tell you if it will or will not be a problem that his 3rd set of molars are coming in. If you don't have a pediatric dentist I'm sure a regular dentist will know also. A lot of time they call them smile visits or something like that without doing any operating on the child that day. Both my daughter 6 and son 4 go to the dentist regularly, we started taking them at 2 just to get them used to seeing the people on good terms.
Hope this helps.
Good Luck!

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Hi T.,
Have you taken him to a pediatric dentist? I have been a dental professional for 17+ years and I have never seen a child that young getting their permanent teeth. From what I've read, there could be some underlying problem, like a thyroid problem. I don't mean to scare you, but when something is SO far from normal it's best to follow up with someone who specializes in that area. Don't take your pediatrician's word for it. They aren't trained specifically in teeth. Keep us posted!

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My oldest son got his first two teeth at 10 weeks! I hauled him into the doctor, thinking he must be sick because of the way he was acting. She did a complete examination and was stunned to find that he had two teeth coming in!

By six months he had six teeth. We joked that he was in the Tooth of the Month Club.

Likewise his 6-yr and 12-yr molars came in WAY ahead of schedule. Now,at 15, he's getting wisdom teeth.

He also started losing baby teeth early and lost them quickly.

As far as I can tell, he's a normal kid who has always been on the early end of the normal developmental schedule. When he was teething, we just used every home remedy plus OTC medicine to combat the pain. Different remedies worked with different teeth.

The peditrician told me that my son's early teeth (and whole early development) showed that I had done everything right nutritionally during my pregnancy and that he had been well-fed and well-loved since birth. I don't know if it was true but it made (and still makes) me feel all warm and tingly.

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My son also got his first teeth at 5 months old, which is actually very early.

Try Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets - they're wonderful.



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Both my children had their teeth early. Not sure if it was genetics or the fact that my doctor had me take two Tums per day during pregnancy for calcium. ?? My son ended up having two sets of front teeth. There's a fancy name for it, but his second set he called his "dinosaur teeth" because they were malformed. I was relieved when I took him to the dentist and they said he had another "normal" set upstairs that would drop down later. He ended up with braces because his teeth were all over the place...twisted, turned, etc. No one could explain the why. We just dealt with it as we went. My daughter also had her teeth early, but no extra teeth! But both had their molars early.

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