6 Week Olds Poop Won't Stay in the Diaper!

Updated on June 14, 2008
M.S. asks from Rockford, IL
4 answers

AuGH! I am so frustrated!! I've tried moving up a size in diapers and two different brands of diapers (Pampers Swaddlers and 7th Gen.) and when he poops - 90% of the time it goes right up his back! I'm tired of cleaning up and doing poopy loads of laundry! HELP!

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answers from Chicago on

I had the same problem, did the same things and found nothing in particular that worked besides making sure they were nice and tightly fastened. I felt bad squeezing the diaper around my son's waist but otherwise all I did was clean poop off of him, off his bouncy seat, off of everything. He even pooped on me while I was trying to changing him!!! Probably because you're a firt time mom you're scared to hurt him like I was but honestly, you won't. It's not like we're talking about using a bungee cord. But I've gotten over it. I put those things on nice and tight because now that he's older, he just pees out the top if I don't. >: )



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Have you tried Huggies Supreme? Those are the brand I used on my daughter and worked like a charm. No more poopy back! Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

My little man had skinny legs and until he grew into the leg holes, had blow outs every day! I would try a cloth diaper option with adjustable leg holes (fuzzibuns), or even a smaller sizes diapers.

I'm not sure there is anything that can be done about back poops. I just dealt with it until he grew out of them....

good luck.



answers from Chicago on

Man, oh, man - I do NOT miss the days of the diaper blow-outs. I also never found a way around this issue. I tried all of the diapers as well. I think it's totally some serious gas that just forces the stuff up and out. It'll stop when he's older and his poops get more solid. Hang in there!!! I know it sucks.

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