6 Week Old Will Only Sleep on His Stomach!

Updated on August 05, 2011
K.E. asks from West Point, MS
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I have a beautiful new 6 week old son. We have found that the only way he will truly sleep is on his stomach. I do not mind this at all since I am either watching him or he is on his Angel Care monitor but he is to start day care at 8 weeks and they will only place babies to sleep on their back due to SIDS. I understand where they are coming from (it will be the CDC on our military base) but worry about him getting the rest he needs there and then picking up an extremely overtired baby. He can be sound asleep and as soon as you place him flat he will wake up. Do any of you have any suggestions to help him "learn" to sleep on his back or do I just have to let them figure it out at day care?!

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answers from Kansas City on

i say explain to the daycare and see what happens. I have "stubborn sleepers" myself. my 2 1/2 year old would not sleep on his back, period. he would only sleep on his side, his right side to be specific, until he was close to a year old. if you layed him on his back he rolled straight to his side, from the day he was born. once he learn to roll over etc, very rarely would be roll onto his tummy to sleep, now he is all over the place. my 8 month old twins would not sleep on their sides when the were born, would roll right to their backs. then they were strict side sleepers after a few months. now, the vary. good luck with the care center.

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answers from Miami on

Congratulations on your new baby! Don't worry about it - they may put him in a swing to sleep. It will all be fine - the hardest part is actually dropping them off. I try to have my husband do drop off and I pick up:)


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answers from Augusta on

if that's how he sleeps then let him sleep! both of mine were tummy sleepers.

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats on the new baby! Do you swaddle him when you lay him on his back? Swaddling is the only way my infants would ever sleep on their backs (and not in my arms).

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answers from St. Louis on

My kids would never sleep on their backs. Wasn't an issue with the first two because then the school of thought was to sleep on your stomach to avoid choking on spit up.

What are they going to do when he starts rolling onto his stomach, keep flipping him?

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answers from Washington DC on



My babies were belly sleepers as well.

Before you know it he will be turning over on his own...try using one of the side sleepers to see if that will work for him. I'm sorry the CDC on base won't allow belly sleepers...

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answers from Cleveland on

my daughter would only sleep on her stomach and 2 yrs later is still sleeping on her stomach for the most part


answers from Los Angeles on

The only way I got my baby to sleep in his back (and many times he liked his side) was to swaddle him and put him in a positoner. He always loved sleeping on his belly.



answers from San Francisco on

This is so common with all babies, most sleep really well on their stomachs if you ever let them. It's all up to you on if you risk it or not - I did some intense research and decided for me when my child was a newborn and doing little cat naps around the house all day I let her sleep on her tummy - only when she was out in the open and I was present - like on the couch or floor in the family room while I was foling laundry or watching TV. When she was in her crib for a major nap or at night I would swaddle and put her on her back. The research I found was that babies are supposed to be born with the "fight to survive instinct", meaning if they are lacking oxygen they instinctly raise and turn their head to find air (like if a blanket got over their head, or there is little air circulation in their little crib) SIDS is a real mising link in a child's DNA where this instinct is missing. So I made sure we kept fans on to keep air circulating, no bumpers or blankets in crib or sleeping areas. If she missed her little cat naps through out the day I had a severly cranky child, so whatever I could do to get these naps in, I did but was very cautious!



answers from Minneapolis on

My suggestion is to ask them to place him in a swing instead...until he is at the age where he can just roll himself over. i have tried with two of my children to get them to sleep on their back for peace of mind and they just wouldn't do it happily. I don't blame them the tummy is a comphy way to sleep


answers from Sacramento on

He will roll over soon - I would just tell them that you want him on his stomach and see if there is some sort of waiver you can sign? Or maybe get a note form your dr.?? I am not really sure what else you could do.....wish I could be more helpful.



answers from Fresno on

My son was the same. My son's daycare (a Bright Horizons site) allowed babies to sleep on their stomachs if we (the parents) signed a note saying that it was OK.


answers from Austin on

Our daughter was exactly the same.. She just preferred her tummy.

Is you baby able to lift his head?

Our daughter could lift her head at 4 weeks so the doc said it was fine for her to sleep in her tummy..

Ask your pedi..



answers from St. Louis on

My son wasn't a good back sleeper till he was around 2-3 months, and then he was starting to figure out how to roll over! lol Anyway, they rarely had a problem with him at daycare. They would figure out a way to get them to sleep cause they don't want to deal with an overly tired baby either. They probably have a swing that he can sleep in, or a good bouncer/rocker. My son slept in that till 2 and a half months when he finally became a good crib/back sleeper. Also, you'd be surprised what kind of tricks they figure out because of their restrictions. The daycare lady was actually the first one who could get him to sleep like this!

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