6 Months Pregnant and Needing to Work from Home, Please Help!

Updated on November 17, 2010
N.C. asks from Austell, GA
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Hello everyone! I am one of the many Georgian residents who have lost their jobs and is currently getting unemployment benefits. They are soon to run out and I've been searching for a legitimate work at home job that will allow me to help support our household. I have quite a bit of experience working from home with data entry and customer service and my home office is completely set up for telecommuting. I search Craigslist all day, everyday in various states looking for a WAH job with no success. I also search the newspaper as sometimes you can find something there as well. Still nothing...Are there any local companies or businesses that could use an extra hand from a hard working, professional employee?

I'm not looking for much, just long term/permanent part-time work with decent pay. I am available during normal business hours Monday - Friday about 4 hours each day. I can meet in person for interviews, but need to perform the work off-site.

Though I do have experience with customer service, telephone work will no longer be ideal. I'm interested in data entry and email/chat customer service support.

Am I being unrealistic? Or can anyone help me? Thanks everyone in advance for reading. Hopefully I can get back to work soon!

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So What Happened?

********** I Sincerely appreciate everyone's responses. This is a wonderful site full of great people...However, I am not interested in sales opportunities or owning my own business opportunites. I'm looking for a regular work at home part-time job something in the data entry or email/chat customer service field. But thank you for all the replies.

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answers from Atlanta on

Check out indeed.com for constant updates and get on board with a bunch of recruiting agencies -let them know you're only interested in telecommuting. Google "work from home" -I can't remember the link, but there's a sight you can sign up with that specifically send out openings for people who need to telecommute.

Do you have any writing or educational experience? KC Distance Learning is an online curriculum company that I've been working for since October. It's 100% from home.

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answers from Raleigh on

Try West.com. I know that they hire work at home for different companies. The application process is lengthy but they are a good company.

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answers from Washington DC on

Good Morning America had some legitamite Work at home jobs featured. Try checking their website for links.

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answers from Spokane on

All I wanted was to Stay at home and raise my Own Children...I was
totally shocked at all the scams on the Internet that were targeting
people like me.

I spent months looking, and did pay some "fees" to find out

about legitimate work from home. None of them were able to offer
anything more than a few surveys for pay, crafts to assemble, or
mystery shopping (all of which were nothing more than some spare
change...not an income).

I am very excited to now Own my own Home Business.

I am working at my own pace and I have met and Teamed up with some
Awesome Mothers and others...that have the same Goals as I DO!

I would love to share this opportunity with you. Just visit my
website, and I will contact you with the details.

Mom's go to www.BeHomeNow.biz


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answers from Minneapolis on

I am currently working full-time, but just started with another company part-time to bring in extra money. And some day I will probably be able to work from home exclusively. That is what this company does. It helps moms work from home to have more time with their families.

I work for a wholesale wellness company that sells hundreds of natural household products, but I do not sell the products myself. Send me a private message and I will give you my phone number so we can talk. I am available to talk evenings (after 4pm Central time) and weekends. I look forward to talking to you soon.



answers from Atlanta on

Would you be open to looking at something that would allow you to work from home but is more of your own business. I represent a company where I open shopping accounts for people to purchase safer products for their home and personal use for about the same as department store brands.

You have the option of meeting with people face-to-face or working online. The pay is good and has many additional benefits. I'd be happy to share the information with you to see if it is a fit or not.



answers from Louisville on

try freedomathometeam.com

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