6 Month Old with a Temperature

Updated on April 16, 2010
K.T. asks from Joliet, IL
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My 6 month old daughter hasn't been feeling good since last night. I gave her some infant tylenol before bed last night. She has a runny nose, didn't sleep well at all last night, and this morning I took her temp and it was 102.8. I took her temp under her armpits the first time then again rectally. Both times her temp was about the same. She has also been rubbing her ears a lot. Im going to call her pedi when the office opens at 9am. Im not sure if she is sick due to the weather change or if it could be something more. I will be taking her to the dr's today they open. What can I do to comfort her for the time being? Could she possibly have an ear infection? She is teething as well, can that have some thing to do with it? Help! I feel so bad for her. She seems so miserable.

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You are doing everything you can. Hold her if she wants you to, dress her lightly, bathe her if she likes that. Take her to the Dr. today and see what's up. Babies do get temps of 102 from several things - viral or bacterial. It's hard to watch babies this young not feel well, but she'll likely be fine!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I'm sorry your daughter is ill. Kids don't get sick because the weather changes, that's an old wives tale. They also don't run fevers like that from teething. Teething may cause a very low grade, like 99.9 but not 102.8. She probably came into contact with a virus. Signs of ear infections in my kids are waking frequently at night, pulling their ears, and hesitating to drink since sucking motion makes ear pain worse. If she has a cold, she could have an ear infection. Good luck.

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answers from New York on

I don't believe teething would cause a high fever like the one she has. Try to keep her cool and keep monitoring her temperature, you don't want it to go any higher. If you gave her tylenol try using Motrin next, and keep switching in between the two of them, it will help her. I know is awful when they are sick! it takes so much out of them and you! If you want to check the ears, gently press down by the front of her ear and see if she reacts to it. My oldest son had so many ear infections that I lost count! Sometimes he wouldn't even get a fever, but his attitude would change, so I would gently press on the front of the ear and the lower back (by the little loop) and see if he would be bothered by it, in most cases that was the problem.
But please just go and take her, don't even call them. Just go with her and let them know she had a high fever of almost 103, they'll take her in right away.

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answers from Boston on

The fever seems a bit high for just teething. Very likely could be an ear infection. Give her some tylenol if she seems uncomfortable (motrin's probably better, if she's had it before) and just bring her in today. I'm sure she'll be fine in no time, but you're right - a sick little one is no fun! Good luck.

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Hopefully, you're already at the pediatrician's office or on your way.

At 6 months, she should be OK to have motrin (I'd confirm with the pediatrician). Otherwise, Tylenol should help with the fever. Whatever it is, the poor thing has to be feeling awful with a fever like that.

My kids always do well with a luke warm bath to try to break the fever, and then hold them and comfort them as much as possible.

Hoping all is well at the appointment today.
Don't be shy about calling the pediatrician during off hours. They're "On call" for a reason, and a temp of 102.8 is definitely a reason to call. High fevers can spike febrile (fever-related) seizures which are much more serious.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

With a fever of 102.8 - that definitely indicates an infection of some sort. You can't get a temp that high because of the weather changing or teething. I would get her in to check for an ear infection right away. I'm sure when you talk to the doc office, they will get her in within a few hours at most.

If it is indeed an ear infection, try holding her against your chest with one ear on your chest and your hand over her other ear. This always helped my son - and he had an ear infection for 3 months before getting tubes. And do not lay her flat on her back. Keep her propped up some way - either bouncy seat, boppy or just hold her.

Good luck!




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She probably does have an ear infection. I always have found that infant's Mortin worked much better on the fevers than Tylenol did. Whenever I used it for my daughters, the fever starts coming down pretty quickly and lasts too.



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Babies don't generally get a fever due to the weather changing, but teething does lower their immunity, so wait and see what the doc says. Keep her hydrated.



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Whenever, my babies had a 102 temperature..they had an ear infection. If she has an ear infection, she needs antibiotics. I would take her to the doctor for an appointment.

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