6 Month Old Reaction to Applesauce?

Updated on December 08, 2008
A.P. asks from Granada Hills, CA
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I've been feeding my six month old daughter on solids for about a month, starting with rice cereal, and gradually introducing vegetables. She did fine on the vegetables, and last night I introduced apples as her first fruit. I also mixed in some with rice cereal to help make it palatable (she doesn't seem crazy about eating the rice cereal). I fed her Earth's Best Organic Apples puree in a small jar (1st stage food). About an hour later when I was giving her a bath, I noticed a red rash (looks almost like hives) around her private parts, which obviously was a reaction to the acidity of the apples. Is this an allergic reaction or just sensitivity because of the acid? How long should I hold off on the apples before re-introducing it again? She didn't seem to be in pain until we put in some diaper cream which set her off.

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answers from Las Vegas on

My son is allergic to apples. The same thing happened. We introduced him to rice cereal and all the veggies and he was fine. The first time I gave him the apples sauce, he broke out into a rash all over his cheeks, chest and diaper area. I didn't believe that it could be apples so after it cleared up we tried again (he wasn't uncomfortable, just looked bad) and the same thing happened. We talked to our Ped about it and it is not super common, but in the mean time he said to avoid it and hopefully he will outgrow it. He said to try again after he turns a year old (He's 9 months now). Since your daughter's reaction didn't seem to be painful, I would try 1 more time to make sure that it is the apples. Definitely discuss it at your next visit to the Ped so you can rule out anything else. Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

she could have an allergy to the apples i would ask her dr about it. also you can let it clear up and feed it to her again and see if it shows up. i know with my daughter when i introduced fruits she broke out in a rash (with bananas) so i stopped feeding her that then the next day i gave her peaches and durring her bath she really flared up with a hive like rash. took her to the er to find out she had chicken pox. yeah lucky me there lol (really she was easy through it). it may be the acid level so try another food.



answers from San Diego on

Hi A., I would ask er ped, cause I doubt very serriously that the apples casued the rash, it's all natural there is nothing in there to cause a allergic reaction, it may just be a coinesidance, that the rash appeared after she ate apples. I could be wrong, I have never heard a baby being allergic to all natural baby food. J. L.



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In my family we are all allergic to the strangest things...I would call her doctor. Food allergies can be very serious, and if I've seen people who get random rashes due to food allergies.

Personally, I can't injest anything made with artificial sweetners and it's frightening. My sister has the oddest reaction to shellfish and my Mom is allergic to raspberries (no other berries).

Avoid the apples and call the doctor to schedule an allergy test. At this age, they don't show much either way but at least you can give it shot.

Good Luck.



answers from Honolulu on

You could try and introduce the various food groups and food items more slowly and gradually. That is what we did, per the suggestion of our Pediatrician.

For our Pediatrician... the introduction of various foods and food groups (ie: single grain cereal, yellow veggies, green veggies, multi-grain cereals, some fruit, then meats) is over a span of 6 months, from the age of 6 months. AFTER 1 year old, is when our Pediatrician suggests to introduce "meat." Just one approach to it... each Doctor has different attitudes about it.

Also, just for future reference... Kiwi fruit is HIGHLY allergenic. It can cause throat swelling (and thus inability to breathe), pain and tingling in the mouth, hives etc. I know because my daughter, who previously had no problem with Kiwi, when she was about 2+ years old, she become allergic to it. Through my own research I found out and told our Pediatrician. Our Pediatrician had NEVER seen a child allergic to Kiwi before. So...

Also, Oatmeal can be allergenic for some. It can cause eczema.

No citrus until after 1 years old. Nor egg whites (too much concentrated protein which can overload the kidneys), no shellfish until, some say, after 2 years old etc. No honey. No "spinach" baby food until after 9 months (there are certain enzymes in it that a younger baby cannot digest) etc.

take care,

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