6 Month Old Milestones

Updated on March 22, 2011
K.F. asks from Sunbury, OH
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My daughter will be 6 months old next week..She has only rolled over a few times in the past month and a half. She has rolled from back to belly and belly to back, but only a few times each. She also doesn't hold her head up very well. I sit her in her bebe pod (it's like a bumbo seat) to help her get better head control and she also sits in her exersaucer a lot, but with both of those things she still needs a lot of blankets around her. I know I shouldn't compare her to my older son, but I remember he was rolling both ways at 4 months and sitting up unassisted right at 6 months. Like I said, she will be 6 months next week and she is nowhere NEAR sitting up on her own. Is there anything I should be doing to help her hit these milestones? I'm not extremely concerned at this point or anything, just curious..thanks!

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answers from St. Louis on

I notice tummy time helps - that is the best way to exercise those muscles. My son hates it - but I know he needs it! Also, allow plenty of time on the floor playing just generally, even on the back. Call your pediatrician for some more suggestions, or even google should help. Babycenter.com is always helpful with these types of questions.




answers from Pittsfield on

Has she had a 6 mo. visit with the pediatrician yet? If not, express your concern. To me she sounds like she might have a delay- I've never heard of a 6 month old not being able to hold their head up well yet, but I am certainly no expert. Ask your pedi if he/she thinks your baby should be evaluated by a physical therapist. It sounds like her core muscles may be weak too (my daughter had that problem and needed physical therapy- a physical therapist from Early Intervention came right to the house and was awesome- my daughter loved her)
Hope it helps :)



answers from Philadelphia on

I agree with other responses....tummy time. I used to do it at night or in a dark room. I would then light a flashlight shining it first near my daughter's hands then I would slowly move it across the floor up the wall. She actually liked tummy time once I got out the flashlight.



answers from New York on

Tummy time! My son really hated it at first, but eventually got used to it. He liked for us to have toys and things in front of him so that he had something to look at and reach for while on his tummy.



answers from Dallas on

Tummy time is the best medicine. My son was lagging a little at his 2 month check up and we started doing tummy time at every diaper change. After we would change him, we would do tummy time for 5-10 minutes. Within a week he was markedly better. He was even advanced at is 4 month check up. We also put him in the exersaucer, but stopped putting the blanket in front to allow him to lean forward more. He was reaching for things within 2 days. He is 6 months old now and still hates tummy time, but not as much as before. He will cry and fuss. Our pediatrician told us to let him fuss for a little bit because that was what would make him advance physically. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

Get the book "What To Expect The First Year," and 'What To Expect The Toddler Years."

She is only 6 months old.

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