6 Month Old Cough

Updated on February 23, 2010
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
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I want to see if there are any other mamas out there who's baby is doing this. My six month old son has had a cough for two and a half weeks now and I've taken him to the doc - basically he has a cold.

Since he was born (and especially now with his cough) when he does cough, it almost sounds like his vocal cords are raw or something like he's straining to not cough but then ends up coughing and it sounds like he's wheezing. They listened to his lungs/chest and said he sounds great. It almost sounds like to me that he has fluid in his lungs or something but when I took him, they are not worried and said it's just a cough. It just sounds so horrible to me when he coughs - it's not really 'wet' - you can tell he's trying to cough out the mucus, but it looks like it's painful to him. He mostly coughs when he goes to bed or just wakes up.

We've had a humidifier in his room for a few weeks now and have tried sitting with him in the bathroom after steaming the room.

I just want to know if there are other mamas out there who's baby has had a cough that sounds bad but the docs aren't worried? It's almost as if he tries to 'stop' it but can't? Then usually he'll end up spitting/throwing up milk (if he just ate) or pure mucus!!! I am hoping this gets better as the weather gets better....

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answers from Kansas City on

One thing to remember is that a productive cough is better than a dry cough. If he's spitting out mucous, even though it's gross and seems awful, it's much less worrisome than a dry cough. A barking cough or wheezing is when you need to really worry. I'm with you - hoping the weather will get better soon and getting fresh air will help us all stay healthier!

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answers from El Paso on

Yeah, my babies have both been fighting coughs for almost the whole month of Feb now. It's just a cold but I do understand that it sounds bad and keeps you worried. Both of my kids have been given albuterol for use with a nebulizer so when it gets to the point where I think it's sounding really raspy and wheezy, I give them a couple of treatments to help loosen things up. But for the most part, it's just something they'll keep fighting until it clears up. The docs of course don't prescribe medicine to young kids anymore but I've given my two Triaminic or Robitussin a few times just to help quell the cough so they could rest better! HTH!

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If you feel what the doctor said is not correct, then you need a second opinion. There is no need for us mothers to have to worry more than we should.
My son, who is now 3, was born with asthmatic symptoms. The doctors never outright diagnosed him but always said he had the symptoms. Therefore he had to be on breathing treatments everytime he wheezed, even having to go to the ER once when he couldn't breath because of it. What sets him off is allergies.
The reason your child is spitting up mucus is it is all draining into his stomach, causing him to become nauseated and then eliminating it. Make sure he is getting plenty of fluids from pedialyte. Yes, it is just fine to give this to a baby. Maybe twice a day in his cup or bottle. He needs alot less milk right now since milk can clog up along with his mucus making it hard to breath.
I would for sure get a second opinion and fast.
Good Luck


answers from Kansas City on

I have a 5 1/2 year old who has had a cough for two months! He has been to the doctor twice and they said its just a cough, not to worry. Similar sounding to your sons, its mostly early in the morning or at night. Not all day and its more wet than dry but he's not congested. Weird!! We have tried the humidifier and don't notice a significant difference. If I give him cough syrup he's fine but I don't want him living on that stuff.


answers from Dallas on

did the dr.give you ant cough medicine ?
when my little girl was about 7 months she has this cough she can't sleep at first the dr.told me it will go away and then 1 week later i change the dr. and she told me she has pneumonia she has this wheezing sound and she was in treatment for 2 weeks.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter had a cough for a quite a while but she has symptoms of asthma... my Dr. had suggested to me that if the nebulizer didn't help then she might have some reflux and she would need some medicine for that, and if he is spitting up then that could be part of the problem. Hope he is better soon.



answers from Wichita on

Alot of doctor are hesitant to start LO on any medication. But if its really bothering his sleep or been going on for more than a week, I would take him back in and say you need help. We have had our daughter (8mo) sleeping in the swing for the past week. If you can't do that elevate the head of his crib. Also try those vick plug-ins or Vicks baby rub. Both help breakup the secretions. I also gave LO a little bit of karo syrup before bed to sooth her scratchy throat.


answers from Charlotte on

My daughter was doing this and ended up hoarse which scared me because I've never heard a hoarse baby. They listened to lungs, no fever, said she was fine. A few weeks later she was still coughing and still hoarse. When I took her back to the doctor, they said whooping cough often causes hoarseness and could affect a child's airway and they had her go to an ENT. He put a scope down her nose to look at her throat to make sure her airway was okay. It look irritated, but was fine. That was a little over a month ago. Her cough is gone, but she's still hoarse. I do feel a little better since the ENT looked at her airway and it was fine.



answers from Kansas City on

My son had a cough sounding similar... like a dry, barking, forced cough? Our ped changed cough meds about a zillion times (it went on and on) Finally, changed DRs and the new one said it sounded like he needed Benadryl (or store brand)...worked like a charm...first time. He explained it like an itch in his thoat, which made sense to me. Hope you find something to soothe your baby...bbelieve me, I understand the sorrow, frustration, and helplessness this brings.

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