6 Month Old & No BM

Updated on June 15, 2011
M.O. asks from Springfield, GA
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My son will be 6 months old in 3 days. He has been strictly breast fed. 2 weeks ago I started him on solids once a day. His normal BM habits have been 1 good one every 4-7 days. I know this is normal with breastmilk only but I figured after introducing the solids he would get more frequent. Tomorrow will be day 8. He was unusually fussy today which is not like him and I wonder if this is why? He has had rice cereal, banana and 2 days of avacado so far. I can call his ped on the after hours line but just wanted to hear from other moms what they think. Thanks so much.

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answers from Seattle on

Poor sweetie. Bananas and rice are both binding. Try pears or peaches. That should get him moving again.

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answers from Hartford on

Right now he needs fluids and a break from binding foods. You started him on the foods that are the worst thing possible for creating slow bowels right off the bat, so I would stop solids for a while and just breastfeed until his bowels have a good movement.

Then space out what you're giving him. Oatmeal is good with bananas. Rice is good with pears or prunes. Mix both mixtures with expressed or pumped breastmilk (first mix the BM with the cereal and then mix that thin paste with the fruit or veggie).

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answers from Portland on

When introducing foods, it's best to try only one at a time, and make sure the baby handles it well before bringing on another, and stick to very small helpings for the first few days. After 2 successful weeks, add a small helping of a second food. That way, if there's a problem, you'll know which food is causing which results. Don't rush the process – breast milk or formula are nutritious enough for the first year or more.

Those little digestive systems have to expand their colonies of "good" digestive bacteria to handle new foods, or the little one may simply experience problems, which could include discomfort, allergic reactions, diarrhea, or constipation.

With one food at

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answers from Honolulu on

bananas are binding.
Rice cereal can be too.

I would... just stop the solids for now. Just breastfeed. To alleviate his 'constipation' if he is constipated.
His system, is like a clogged nose. So to speak.

At this age/stage, serving sizes of solids are only in terms of a teaspoon or tablespoon.

And besides, for the 1st year of life, breastmilk/Formula is a baby's PRIMARY source of nutrition, not solids and not other liquids.
No worries, he won't be nutritionally lacking, if not on solids. Actually, solids are not as nutritionally substantial, as breastmilk or Formula.

The internal organs/digestive system, is also still forming.
You can wait on giving him solids.

And if/when giving solids.... it is still very important to nurse on-demand primarily. Not making the solids, the primary intake.
Always nurse before solids. Not after. Otherwise, baby will wean from breast. And be too full, to nurse afterward. This is also per our Pediatrician.

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answers from Seattle on

The rice cereal and banana might be contributing to the constipation. They are things that cause this to happen.

Try giving him pears, or prunes are really good too. Something to help him loosen up.

You could give him gas drops too they help alot. Gripe water is also another thing.
We went to the doctor for this when my son was younger and they said it is common for this to happen. You can always call the on call advice nurse to see what they have to say too, they are very helpful and have saved me trips to the doctor many a time. They are a Mom's best friend at times lol.

Best wishes!

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answers from Atlanta on

I'm sure he's gone by now, but I've stared using a very mild laxative in the children's medicine isle (brown inside a glass bottle) -- I give 1/2 tsp or 1/4 tsp and my son goes in around 12-24 hrs.

Good luck:)



answers from Atlanta on

Banana'a and rice are binding, you need to feed him foods that will loosen him up like applesauce & prunes. Go easy on the cheese as well.
Our pediatrician suggested we add Miralax to out our 4 yr olds diet to help her "get regular", that it is safe enough for 6 months old to use....but start off with Gerbers prunes and prunes with apples, it worked for us.
Good luck



answers from Honolulu on

Banana i causes constipation. try different fruits...



answers from Atlanta on

The avocados are great. Bananas and Rice are constipating and primarily simple sugar. Introduce a new food each week and make sure it is full of fiber. Prunes would be a good start. He might have an "explosion" but that would be a good thing. Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy. People, even little ones, need a bowel movement as many times as they eat each day!

You need more fiber as well. :)

God bless,

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