5Th Birthday Party (Wizard of Oz)

Updated on April 15, 2009
A.U. asks from Allen Park, MI
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Ok, so my daughter wants a "Wizard of Oz" theme for her party this year.. ugh, ok fine. But what should we do for a big activity geared at the theme? Or should I do something away from the theme and is that ok? (We are having it 4/25, so very soon!) We usually have it in the backyard (hopefully weather is good) and we have a big bounce house we put up and the kids play with that, and the usual other toys (swing set, play house, etc)... then we have had a Character come for her 3rd and 4th birthday (Dora, then Barney).. So this year I said since its her 5th, for the last time I would do something big for her party again. But the theme, is throwing me off. I guess I can't really have Dorothy come... So any ideas ??

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the fabulous ideas! I am going to get Dorothy from the entertainment company we've used before. I didn't think they would have a dorothy character, but turns out they do.... then I'd like to incorporate some of your ideas too, thanks you guys are great

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Why can't you have Dorthy come? Or Glenda the Good witch? I had a carnival for my daughters 10th b-day with about 25 10-12 year olds. We had a blast! A friend of mine dressed up as a fortune teller and told all of the kids their fortune. (with a bit of secret info on the side) the kids were amazed that she knew things about them. Anyways, Prom dresses are cheap to find (for Glenda) and friends would do it for free. Have one dress up and give crowns or wands to the little girls. Good Luck! Remember to take time to enjoy the time with the kids! L. B.

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Are you sure you can't have Dorothy come? I know that Sutton's Costume rentals probably has a Dorothy costume (probably Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow too). Maybe you could check the phone book and see if you can find someone who dresses up for parties - sort of like the celebrity look-a-likes that sometimes do parties.

What about making some kind of 'game' with the yellow brick road? Or making a 'yellow brick road' that they follow through the house or through the yard to the different activities you mentioned? I know somone who did a thomas the train theme and they used black construction paper and created railroad tracks through the main floor of the house. You could do something like that with construction paper, or if you do it outside, you could get the rool of plastic yellow table covering and some of those garden stakes from the hardware store and you could lay it out in the yard and stake it down so it doesn't blow away. Or maybe use yellow sidewalk chalk and make it on your driveway. You could even take flower pots and fill them with dirt, and then use some painted yardsticks and use paper signs to make 'road signs' that point the way to the different activities.

Maybe you could set up at table where they could make masks of the lion, tin man, scarecrow and dorothy. JoAnn's sent me a spring & summer craft guide and on the front they had cute masks of a lion, monkey and zebra. They were cut out of that fun foam sheets and decorated with more fun foam, yarn, markers, and glitter paint and then thay had large popsicle sticks to hold them in front of their faces. (don't know if this is an all girl party or girls and boys, but if it's girls and boys, this would be okay).

This one would be more for girls, but you could buy red flip-flops at Joann's or Michale's and then buy that glitter paint and feather boas, and things like them and let them all decorate their own 'ruby slippers'.

Games - maybe you could do 'stuff the scarecrow' (in the movie weren't the monkeys pulling the straw out or something like that?) Or do something like a treasure hunt along your 'yellow brick road' and give them each a basket (like the one dorothy carries with toto in it) -- maybe get a stuffed animal dog that looks like toto and they have to find it.

Have fun and take lots of pictures and video!

Mom to the A team
Alex (11), Aaron and Aidan (2 1/2)

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Hey A., its Dee. You always have some of the best parties anyway. I wouldn't worry too much about the "theme". With all the fun stuff you have at your house for the kids to do, I wouldn't even worry about the added hassle. I know that there's a lot of pressure because its the 5th birthday party (and you gotta cut it off at SOME point) but she'll have a blast and make a ton of memories no matter what way you go. Can't wait to see you guys there! Nicklas is already looking forward to it. Email me with some ideas on a gift for Emily please (let me know if you need my email, I think its on FB). Thanx!

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Hi! We did this theme for my daugthers 5th B-Day. She decided on "Over the Rainbow". Decorations were all yellow brick road/rainbow theme. Her party favors were all day lolipops (The Lollipop Guild), a Ruby (red) ring, rainbow erasers...etc.

For games, we did Pin the Heart on the Tin Man. We also did a 'Bozo Buckets' type game with pictures on the buckets: Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Emerald City. We had a rainbow pinata, too.

When the kids arrived, they made wands. Michaels has foam wands for $1 each. I provided gems, glue and glitter for the girls to decorate their wands. By the time they left, the wands were pretty dry.

For dessert, we did sundaes with rainbow sprinkles (instead of cake).

Have Fun!

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Try Oriental Trading online... you can usually find games/toys, etc that will go with that theme, even if it's not Wizard of Oz specifically, you may be able to find a rainbow pinata or other stuff that would fit into your theme.



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Of course Dorothy could come. Maybe you could call the high school in your area...their drama department. They may have just the little actress who would love to play Dorothy for a day. A little cotton frock and some braids, "Toto too" could be a challenge! The red shoes...hmmm...you could get some inexpensive shoes, have them dyed and put red glitter on them. Sounds like fun!



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My sister-in-law did a Wizard of Oz theme party several years back and I remember that the highlight of the party was a pinata that they made to look like the Wicked Witch. The kids all had a blast trying to whack the witch and of course they were thrilled when it broke and they got all kinds of goodies!



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wow...what a great idea! i think there are a ton of things you could do...
of course all the girls will want to be dorothy...so you could ask the parents to send a pair of socks that could be destroyed! haha...go to a craft store and get spray glitter glue, or just spray adhesive and red glitter...they can glitter their socks and all wear "ruby slippers" outside. you could make the yellow brick road out in the back yard...it could end in the bounce house. adults could dress up like the scarecrow, lion and tin man. (costumes can be made, or you could rent them at a costume shop) you could make a sheet cake, freeze it, cut it into different size rectangles, and frost it green for "emerald city". LOVE the other posters idea for a wicked witch pinata!



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Hi, what about a treasure hunt where they "follow the yellow brick road" and at each point it is "scarecrow check point" etc.. til you get to OZ and the treasure. Good luck, J. - mom to Vanessa amd Mark ( 10 and 16 )



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Theme parties are wonderful, but they do not have to be expensive. Homemade decorations are just as good. Castle from a cardboard box; paper, cheap yellow washcloths or cheap patio stones for the yellow brick road. Perhaps a neighbor can be one of the characters; you could do a recording of the wizard's voice and play it in the "castle". Play games like pin the heart to the lion or put a tin man together blindfolded or have a team race using cardboard tubes ready to fasten together for the tin man's body. Building a scarecrow as teams can also be fun and take pictures to send home later with the thank you notes Even five year olds can tie a know or use a paper fastener. My kids liked musical washcloths (use the yellow brick road) and play like musical chairs.



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FUN!!! I'm on my blaCkberry right now so I can't check this for you but go to www.birthdaypartyideas.com and see if there are any W.O.O themes there. Have Fun!

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