5 Yo Birthday Party

Updated on August 01, 2010
S.M. asks from Keller, TX
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Anyone have any great ideas for a five yo boy birthday party... it needs to be inexpensive as things are very tight right now, at most 1-2 friends and their families would be involved. he hasn't asked for anything or given me any ideas, so I'm at a loss, I'm used to my kids knowing what they want, this year he just has no idea! his only request so far was he wants a How to Train Your Dragon cake. he is an easy going kid and enjoys most activities, but I'm just at a loss for what to do.

few important details: birthday is Sunday, and we live in Keller, we usually include dinner or lunch with our B-day activities,

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So What Happened?

we had a back yard splash bash and we had a great time! thanks for all the suggestions

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We're gonna be doing a "water war" party. Wet games, water balloon toss, whip cream art, etc. To save money the party favors will be the toys they play with at the party, like the water guns, but I'll paint pen their name on them.

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Just google "how to train your dragon birthday party ideas". My favorite site is birthdaypartyideas.com. You can also download printable coloring pages.

Another idea is a sprinkler park picnic - not sure if there is one near you.



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If you are looking for an inexpensive way to feed the kids and their families, you should think about going to Costco or Sam's. I shop at Sam's and you can get a package of 24 Beef Ball Park Hotdogs for $5, and enough hot dog buns for them for about $2.00. Chips are buy one get one for $5.00, and if you want, pick up some soda, gatorade, or prepackaged juices. You can feed everyone for under $20.00. As for the cake, that might be a little bit more. You can make the cake yourself, but the hard part will be trying to find the cake pan ( and possibly the most expensive part). Usually cake molds can cost any where from $10-$30 a piece. I hope this helps.



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My son had a bowling party for his 6th birthday this year. We had one lane and up to 5 children could bowl. They, also, provided one pizza and a pitcher of drinks for the kids, all paper supplies and 2 people to help out. We only brought his cake and gifts. I purchased another pizza for the parents. Birthday package with one lane is about $80.



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I'm planning a water balloon party for my daughter's 6th birthday party. I will fill up several laundry baskets with water balloons, set the kids loose in the yard, and let them have at it. Then maybe we'll do a pinata outside and dry off to come in for cake. Nothing fancy, but I think the kids will have fun.



answers from Wichita Falls on

You could go to the fire station - that might tie in with a fire-breathing dragon! Most fire stations will let you do a tour with the kids getting to see and do all kinds of stuff. I think that would be perfect for a small group of boys, and their parents will appreciate all the picture opportunities!


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What we did was take a couple of my daughter's closest friends and their mom or dad out to see a movie. They had tons of fun just the three of them. Then after the movie we all went to McDonalds for lunch and let the girls play.



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Brunswick Bowl has free bowling passes for kids all summer long. You can go to their website to print off the coupon & all you have to pay for is the shoes. You don't have to do a birthday party package, just call to reserve a lane for an hour & then head home to do cake & presents. Fun & inexpensive!



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Water balloons are FUN! But they go fast, so make sure you fill up a lot!



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When my son turned 5, I put up slip and slides in the back yard and then bought some water guns at the dollar store. The kids had a blast running around the backyard doing all the water activities. At the end, everyone got a balloon which we then all released into the air at the same time. My son absolutely loved it.

Good luck!




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Pancakes with the Prince
we did a pjs and pancakes party, and it was a huge hit! Have tons of toppings in little cups on the table, and the kids get so creative. It's inexpensive, starts the day with fun and is different. Good luck!


answers from San Diego on

Go "old school" and have a simple fun backyard party. Pin the tail on the donkey, bubbles, cake and ice cream. If it's hot, the kids can play in a kiddie pool or sprinkler... 5 year old boys usually have a great time doing just about anything outside.



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I agree with the back yard fun!

Cavalli Pizza has a mobile wood-burning pizza oven they can bring on location and cook pizza's right in front of your eyes. The little one's can help 'toss the dough'.

Check them out at:

Prepare a bunch of cupcakes (non-frosted) and have a build your own cupcake table, with sprinkles, frosting, and other toppings.

You could do the same as above with ice cream. You can rent an ice cream machine from Pacigio.

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