5 Year Old with Milk Alergies

Updated on September 27, 2008
S.J. asks from Boise, ID
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Hello All, My sisters son (5yrs) is allergic to milk. He is limited to very few items to eat and it is a hassel to take him to a restaurant becuse there is milk in so many things. Does anyone have any ideas for her for snacks, school lunches, eating out? He drinks rice milk and ice cream when everyone else has regular. He has been allergic to milk since he was an infant so she does have some idea of what to feed him. We are just looking for new easier ideas.

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Do you live in CO. ? My energetics doctor has worked with me for the past year and 10 month old son since birth and has eliminated ALL ouir allergies.
His website is: www.wignall.meta-ehealth.com


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Can she drink goat milk? You will have to be creative, pizza places can leave the cheese off and put some other toppings. Go to VItamin Cottage and check out the substiture products. My kids loved the Almond cheeses, Soy Delicious ice cream has a nice texture and mouth feel, you'll have to just keep try things to find what appeals to her. Get the Allergy Free Self Help Cook Book by Marjorie Hurt Jones and If You Love Me Don't Feed Me Junk. They are both excellent. Have dealt with this for many years without much hassle. You can do it, it just takes some getting used to.



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We are all milk free here now. My daughter and husband have cheese occassionally. there is so much you can do. I have Sopie Safe Cooking that someone suggested on this site. It is awesome for ideas. Also, in cooking, use rice milk but use less or add a bit of flour as it is more runny. One gets used to a dairy free life if everyone in the family just eats that way. It is very difficult for the child if he has to lok for himself on what not to eat. Mine knows that the cheese drawer and the milk jug is of limits but everything else in our pantry is dairy free. Also, lk int finding old recipes from the family. Women just didn't cook wih the milk and buter like we do now days. Other great finds are pumpkin butter (made at ourlocal pumpkin farm) pasta, snadwhiches andmore. And hummus. Also lok up Gluen free and Caesin free recipes online. There are ton out there as so many can not have those things. I sometimes use wheat flour instead of the special gluten free ones for those recipes because we don't have those issues but they can be very yummy. Lastly, shop Vegan foods. There is a V on the package and means there are no eggs or dairy...or other products of animals. We do a lot of turkey cold cuts with tortilas or crackers.



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I know where you are coming from. I have three boys all with milk allergies. Instant skin reaction with contact kind of miserable effects if ingested the slightest...I know it is so important to keep them away from milk and any form of it yet still keep variety in their diet.
tortilla lunch meat roll ups (tortilla, veganaise, bbq sauce, lettuce)--check the lunch meat you buy because so many have dairy. Hormel naturals do not have dairy. (beef is also an allergen so we eat only chicken and turkey)

fruit cut up; their favorite is a can of fruit cocktail with fresh cut up apples, blueberries and mini marshmallows added.

Envirokids brand of Crisp rice bars, Nature's Path brand of Organic Granola bar, chewy

We use Earth Balance buttery spread made from all vegan products. It makes veggies, toast, etc (anything that calls for butter) taste great! It cooks up well too.

Dunkin HInes choc. chip cookies in a box has no diary, so we just add the vegan butter to it and cook it without the eggs. The kids like that too.

When we go to resturants we order the basic: fries, breast of chicken plain! (Red Robin coats theirs in butter before cooking it) steamed veggies--no spices or butter water; plain noodles and lettuce on the side with Italian dressing.

I hope that is helpful. Feel free to call me for more tips, suggestions etc. Good luck.



answers from Denver on

I'm nursing a baby with MPA (milk protein allergy) and I eat out frequently. Most fast food restaurants and larger chains have their menus & allergen info online now. (I even managed to find something on Taco Bell's web site that was dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free!) Often, just getting items w/o cheese will cover it, but some places have dairy in the bread, guacamole, meat (every meat but the pork at Qdoba has dairy), etc. You'll always have to ask, but there are options nearly everywhere I've been. And most places nowadays *know* what's in their food. Noodles & Company will prepare a meal as "allergy aware for dairy" and omit anything with dairy... not that there's much there w/o dairy, but at least they're careful. At Chipotle, there's no hidden dairy... if you avoid the cheese & sour cream you're all set.

As for snacks, there's a HUGE list at http://www.godairyfree.org/Food-to-Eat/Shopping-List/Snac.... They've also got a ton of other suggestions, resources, recipes, etc. If cheese is the only thing he needs to avoid, you'll have a LOT of options.

If your sister would like some more ideas or support from other allergy moms... there's an awesome allergy group on Yahoo groups. It's called TerrificKidsWFA.

Best of luck to you & your sis!



answers from Salt Lake City on

my college flatmate has had milk allergies her whole life. Then she found this: http://www.digestiveadvantage.com/prod_children_li.html

Absolutely changed her life. She can even eat cheese pizza--which used to leave her doubled over with worse than labor cramps.

They'll send you a week's worth of free samples. Please tell your sis about it. It made my roomie's life sooooooo much happier.



answers from Denver on

I have a a 2 1/2 yo son with milk allergies and I gotta tell ya, it's a lot easier to deal with than I thought at first. My son drinks soy milk instead of rice milk. I cook with it for the whole family - you can't really taste the difference. I've found that Safeway has a really good organic foods section that includes vegan things, like butter. If it's vegan it has no milk in it.

As for going out I found a website called www.foodallergybuddy.com that has printable cards for all types of allergies. These are geared toward use in restaurants. It has on the card what table the allergy is at, what the allergy is and what that includes. A lot of people think a milk allergy is just milk. They don't realize it means cheese, sour cream, butter, etc. It also has a an emergency contact # on the card. They're free too! This might help your sister explain to servers what her son's needs are. I have found when we go out, that if I ask, the staff at restaurants are more than willing to ask the chef or even show you a list of ingredients in all the dishes. GL



answers from Salt Lake City on

Check out "The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cook Book" from the library for snacks and other home-made items to go in lunches.

I'm a member of foodallergykitchen yahoo group, and there are lots of experienced moms there that will give you suggestions.

My daughter also has a diary allergy, also nuts and fish. It seems that there's milk or eggs in EVERYTHING, and what doesn't have dairy in it seems to have nuts in it. It's hard, I know.

Snacks and sack lunches are doable; they just take prep time. You have to be willing to do your own cooking as much as possible. That makes going to restaurants not very feasible if he is the type of kid that wants what he wants and not what his mother says he can have.

Most restaurants have a kids meal. Chicken fingers have milk in them, but I think he could have spaghetti (leave off the cheese) or a hamburger? Broth based soups (minestrone, chicken noodle) are also good options, as is chili (again, leave off the cheese and sour cream).

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

Is he allergic to all milk? There is a lot of milk allergies in my family but the kids can drink goat milk with no problem. Along with that they can use goat cheese, and basically goat mil in place of cows milk.
good luck



answers from Salt Lake City on

Infants can grow out of milk allergies....is she sure he is still allergic?



answers from Billings on

I realize its only one suggestion, but its the only thing I could think of b/c I've seen them everywhere lately!

Those Jello pudding single packs. It would be a snack he could make with the rice milk without the whole family having to have that.

I know I could think of a few more, but if you googled milk alergy recipes you should get a lot of sites with help for you and your family!

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