5 Year Old Swallowed a Marble:(

Updated on June 02, 2011
B.O. asks from Portland, OR
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My daughter swallowed a marble tonight. I already called the pediatrician and went through the checklists to make sure it was not lodged in her esophagus. Just wondering if anyone else had this experience, and how long it took to pass through. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for your experiences! I am keeping an eye out for it and will let you know if we find it:)

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answers from Norfolk on

A glass marble is inert (smooth and round) and should pass through her with no trouble.
Push the fiber and plenty of liquids for a few days and check when she goes potty if you can.
There are worse things to swallow.

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answers from Spokane on

I swallowed a marble at about that age. It was my favorite one so I watched for it for about a week. We never found it. I'm sure we just missed it. It has been 25 years and I have never had any problems because of it. Don't stress too much if you don't find it.

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answers from Eugene on

Marbles, buttons, money your child is so normal. Keep watching. You might never see it and it might not show up on a scan. I never found a 1 1/4 diameter plastic button my daughter swallowed. The school called me and I took her straight to the ER where she was ok breathing and the doctor told me to give her hard bread to force it further down her esophagus into her stomach.
Children swallow everything. Up to the age of seven it's not unusual.
Relax. She will be okay.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi B.,

My then 5 year old swallowed the ball bearing from the "Mouse Trap" game. It's the size of a marble and who knows what metal it was made out of but it finally passed about 5 days later. We did get her x-rayed and it had not gotten to the stomach yet but luckily a muscle relaxant opened the esophageal valve enough to get it down. One thing the doctor told me was that she could throw it up and there could be issues from that. Make sure you cover the bases with what to do if something like that happenes.


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answers from Portland on

A few weeks ago my son swallowed a board pin and he seemed to be fine. No drooling, wheezing, or pain. The next day he had an X-ray and we saw the pin in his intestine. The 4th day the pin came out. My son is very regular, but the intestine is very long and it usually taken anywhere between 3-6 days for any object to pass. Most kids will pass it without any issue. It is worrisome, but your daughter will be fine. Please do let me know once it passes.

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answers from Houston on

My (then 3 year old) coughed and whined.......it went on FOREVER. I saw red blood in her nose. I sat down on the floor and gave her the "pinch and squeeze" to her nose......a red crayon..... these things are aggravating, arent they? I would think that a marble would just "poop" out...Give LOTS of fiber to push it through.....I would give concern after a poop or two....

Good Luck!!! (and may the poop be with her)

(PSS. My Mom's name is B.;)

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answers from Dallas on

This too shall pass.
Luckily it's not sharp - there should be no issue. You can check out the poop to make sure it comes out. My husband swallowed a quarter as a teenager and never noticed it pass. It definitely did because he's had scans for other things and nothing ever showed a quarter in his belly. But maybe he's still worth .25 - hard to say. LOL

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