5 Year Old Eyes Hurt

Updated on February 15, 2011
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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Just wondering if anyone has experienced their child complaining that their eye/eyes hurt? I notice that my son rubs one of his eyes every once in a while..mainly when watching tv. But over the last week he was rubbing one eye saying that it hurt then it seemed to subside then a day later it was the other eye that he complained about. The inner bottom lid looks a little red on both eyes. I do not think it is pink eye as there is no discharge. I have a doctors appointment this week, but wondering if anyone else experienced this?

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answers from Lexington on

Yes, I have experienced this, as well as one of my children.

If he is on antihistamine (even if he isn't), it could be dry air and not enough blinking or tear production. The simple solution the doctor gave for my daughter was a liquid tears type eye drops.

Another problem can be allergy reactions themselves, and not necessarily in both eyes. This can happen from contact from his own hand.

And then of course... the glasses.... my daughter did not complain her eyes hurt when she needed glasses - just that she couldn't see well. BUT - some kids start rubbing eyes and saying their eyes hurt because of straining to see, and possibly not blinking.

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answers from St. Louis on

you made the right decision when you chose to seek medical diagnosis on this! While it may be allergies or sensitivity, it may also mean time for glasses.....

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answers from Dover on

My daughter gets allergies when the seasons change, but it only affects her eyes. We use Ptaday (not sure if that's spelled right) drops & they really help her. You might want to take him to an eye doctor for a check-up though because it could be eye strain & needing glasses.

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answers from Boston on

Allergies? Or maybe he needs glasses or perhaps his eyes are sensitive to tv screens.

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