5 Year Old Complaining of Head Ache

Updated on February 14, 2011
L.M. asks from Lewisburg, OH
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My 5 year old daughter has been complaining of a headache or her head hurting for the past 3 days. She has also started blinking her eyes repeatedly. I don't know if her eyes are causing her headaches or not. She just had an eye exam and the doctor said she's great so I don't know what else it could be? Is it normal for 5 year olds to get headaches?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the responses! I have been watching what she's been eating and making sure that she is drinking plenty of water. She hasnt had a headache in 2 days!!! She still has the blinking issue so we will be going to the doctor for that but thanks for all your opinions!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all the great and wonderful mother's out there!!!!

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Take her to the doctor. Headaches can be a sign of serious issues, and not-so-serious ones. Please get her evaluated by a medical professional, do not rely on internet "diagnosis", no matter how well-intentioned.


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I know that my daughter used to get headaches...probably from being over tired. I was never super concerned just because she would only get them now and again. Anyway, whenever she started complaining of a headache I would have her lay down and give her a cold damp washcloth to put on her head. That always seem to give her some relief. Just an idea to try.

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Every time my son gets a headache, he has strep throat. He never gets a sore throat with it - just a headache. Sounds strange, but I hear it's pretty common. I'd get her cultured just to be safe, especially if a fever is there.

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take her to the Doctor.

For the eye exam, was it just her Pediatrician or an Opthamologist?



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Take her to a chiropractor! Helps my children.



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My sons biggest complaint the last time he had strep was a terrible headache he was actually crying his hurt so bad.

He also passed the eye exam at the pediatrician every year but we went to the opthamologist anyway because my eyesight is horrible turned out he needed glasses so if it was just the eye chart at the ped take her to the opthamologist.


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My son started with migranes when he was just four years old. My now 4 year old daughter gets sinus headaches (which the doctor said normally wouldn't happen til around 6 or 7 but she's been getting them since before she was 3.5). Be sure she is hydrated (lack of hydration can give a headache). If her head hurts just in the forehead ares it could be sinuses. Check w/ her doctor.



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My daughter gets them pretty often, she also wears glasses. If your little one is in school I'd chalk a lot of it up to being tired, they work their little brains and bodies so hard at school. For now an OTC like tylenol would help symptons obviously, but I would ask my Pediatrician.


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This can be caused by a lot of things - hunger, thirst, dehydration, stress (yes, in 5 year olds), nasal congestion & sinus infections, the winter's dry air, and more. She may have dry eyes and instinctively be trying to move her tears around to lubricate them.

My eye doctor recommended Refresh eye wash - she said to use the single-use packs because they have no preservatives like the larger bottle does that remains open. You can find them in any pharmacy. Just put a few drops in each eye and use a cloth to catch the run-off. She explained that we wash our hands, bodies, hair, etc. but we never wash our eyes, so they get dirt and grit and dust in them. This has nothing to do with her vision, so she could pass an eye exam and still have a problem.

You could also try a humidifier to add more moisture to the air. I air-dry my dishes by opening the dishwasher after the rinse cycle - all that steam enters the air for free, and it saves on my electricity.

Make sure she eats regularly, including protein and not just carbs. That energy-followed-by-a-crash cycle can induce headaches. Kids who skip breakfast, for example, have big headaches by about 10:30 a.m.

If it's worse if you press under her eyes (on the bones) or alongside her nose or on her forehead just above her eyes, it could be a sinus infection. If her nasal mucus is greenish or dark yellow, that's often a sign of infection.



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Sometimes - yes, but if it does not get better in a day. Go to a doc. Also - did she hit her head or something. Maybe she's catching going down with the flu..



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It sounds like allergies. I get headaches for several days especially when snow hangs out then its wet and damp. Then we get sun then no sun. It could be a lot of other things too like not enough water.



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Is she getting enough water? Sometimes in winter it is really easy to forget that we need lots of water, it's so dry and we can easily become dehydrated. I'd try pushing the fluids more.

In addition vitamin D deficiency can cause headaches. You can get vitamins for kids to give her that extra boost of D.

Also, limit screen time. TV, computer, video games. I think the water should take care of it but if nothing works within a week, I'd take her to the pediatrician.



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Make sure she is hydrated enough. Younger children usually do not remember to drink enough water and this time of year everything is really dry. I know my son complains of headaches and stomach aches and usually it is because he is not drinking enough water. If that doesn't work I saw some others respond about allergies. My kids when they were younger did not have normal symptoms when they had strep. My one son always had a headache so that was my indicator. Also for strep, bad breath is usually a symptom of it too. Also many kids have busy schedules. Sometimes they are just rundown and need to rest.



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could she have a sinus infection or be a diabetic
when my sugar is out of whack I can have problems seeing or a headache



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I think it sounds like allergies too. Her eyes may be itchy and that's why she's blinking. Other signs of allergy can be dark circles under the eyes and rubbing her nose a lot.



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Sounds like allergies to me. Try children's zyrtec or clariton for a couple of days.

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