5 Year Old Birthday Game Ideas?!?!?!

Updated on August 27, 2014
K.G. asks from Elkhart, IN
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I am planning a joint birthday party for my daughter who will be 5 and my grandmother who will be 88. We have rented a park pavilion and will be outside. I am looking for things for the kids to do while all the grown-up's visit. (there will be a lot of outta town family coming). There will be only 7 kids, ages 2,3,3,5,6,9,and 12.

Thanks in advance : )

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answers from Cleveland on

You got some great ideas! Some other games that I've played are: if you have one of those plastic pools or sand box, you could do a fossil dig. Hide small objects (ie: dinosaurs, cute erasers, etc...) and have the kids dig for them. Let them keep the "fossils" they find.

Also, I've done this "fear Factor" style game which would be good for the 5+ kid: have them eat gummy worms w/out using hands.

And...balloon toss ~ everyone can get involved!

Have fun!

A little bit about me: Author of book Imagine...Amazing Me! Mom of 3 great kids (9, 5, and 3) and married for just about 15 yrs!



answers from Indianapolis on

I am in the process of planning my sons party who will be 5. I can tell you one thing I know they will love, I decorate with balloons and then when everything is done I play the balloon popping game. They have to sit on the balloon to pop them. I also do a craft. This year we are having a diego party and I have been saving toilet paper rolls and will have them decorate their own spotting scope.
Another game you can play that is easy is they get a spoon and see who can get the most cotton balls from one place to the next with out touching them.
You can also hang apples from the ceiling or from trees and make them eat them with no hands. The thing the kids loved the most was when I had a blues clues party and did a "dog food" eating contest. I made blue jello and put it in bowls and they had to eat it like a dog with no hands. You could also do an obstacle course. They are easy to set up and it really wears the kids out. You can incorporate hula hoops, squirt guns where they have to hit a target, balls and anything else your imagination gives you. The dinasour, or egg hunt type of game is a good one too. You would probably have to set that up before everyone got there. You could also maybe do the big top game where you put several buckets in a row and see who can throw the ball into each bucket from a set point. Crafts are a great thing to keep kids in that big of an age difference occupied and all happy. Check out nick jr. They have lots of ideas for games and crafts.
Have fun!



answers from New York on

One fun idea is to have a TickleMe Plant Planting Party. The TickleMe Plant is easy to grow from seeds and will close its leaves and even lower its branches when you Tickle it. We used the classroom kit it was enough for 30.



answers from Columbus on

Hi K....I have a 13 yr old and a 16 year old so I've done a few parties :)

There are the old tried and true pin the tail on the donkey, telephone, and duck duck goose. Then there are games you can make up yourself rather easily...balloon games...keep the balloon in the air, pass the balloon in a circle, relay race with the balloon between the knees.

We have done things like use straws and balloons or cotton balls to do relay races. Bring a small laundry basket and you have basketball. Make a beanbag or bring a small stuffed toy for hot potato.

You could get premade sugar cookies, bring icing and sprinkles and let the kids decorate them. Bubbles are definately good for outside and relatively inexpensive. You could get some of those plastic eggs left over from Easter, have a hunt...or a relay having the kids shuffle the eggs with their toes. If its warm water balloons and small squirt guns are always a hit. Hope this helps.



answers from Columbus on

At my daughters preschool Halloween party, the teachers had hung powdered sugar donuts from the ceiling, and the kids had to put their hands behind their back and eat the donut! It was so fun and made for GREAT photos! If you are going to be at a park...go for it! The birds will eat the crumbs.

I am in the process of planning a Hannah Montana party for my almost 6yr old. I am planning on playing a bingo game, in which I made using clipart that I found on the web. The kids will have M&Ms to use as their bingo markers! We will also be playing "Hot Potatoe", except with a purse. I am going to fill the purse with prizes so that "being out" is a fun thing. The girl gets to open up the purse and find out what their prize is...lip gloss, ring pops, nail polish...go to the dollar store! I was amazed at what I could purchase for the party! And we will of course be doing a craft. Decorating guitars cut from tag board with glitter glue and jewels.

Have a fun Party!



answers from Fort Wayne on

My 5 year old LOVES bubbles. She'll play with bubbles until she runs out. Also, for her fifth birthday I had these games, and the winners got prizes that I picked up from the dollar tree....
Balloon toss
Wheelbarrel race
Garbage bag two man race, and we did it also with one person and they had to hop to the finish line
Pass the paper down the line while sucking through a straw to hold it (this one was hard, but we allowed them to use their hands to get it on, and then no hands while they turned to pass it on the next person
Kids break up into teams, then the first person goes to the adult at the other side of the race area and the adult gives them a balloon. They have to sit on it and break it and run back to tag the next person

These were all very fun and the kids had a BLAST!



answers from Columbus on

If you have a few minutes before everyone gets there, prepare for a scavenger hunt. Kids of all ages love them (wrap bags of candies/animal crackers/goldfish,etc).

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