5 Year-old Daughter with a Rash and I Don't Know What to Do :(

Updated on July 09, 2011
C.A. asks from Albany, OR
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We went to the fountains yesterday and she ran around in the water for hours (it's chlorinated). Now she's played in the water like this before so I'm pretty sure it's not that. Also she peed the bed last night (still having night time reversion here). This morning she shows me the inside of her legs and there is this rash with red dots (some with white heads on them - no worries I know better then to touch them). So I check in her panties and, sure enough, it's up there too!! She's uncomfortable, of course, but not crying. But she DID just have a bladder infection a few days ago (the problems abound here - we are VERY yeasty women - prolly TMI there). So do I put cortisone this? Eucerin? Leave it alone? A home remedy? I don't want her to be uncomfortable and I"m feeling a bit helpless on what I can do to help her.

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So What Happened?

Whew - ok so to the doctor isn't an overreaction! I'll make the call and see about getting her in really quick - thanks so much everyone! Pretty sure it's a combination of everything. Have a great day all!

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answers from Seattle on

It could be folliculitis which is easily treated with a special antibacterial soap....it is an infection of the hair follicles. My daughter had it and it is pretty common in the areas that you mentioned. Anyhow, I would take her to the DR to determine what it could be. It could just be yeast too.

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answers from New York on

If she is uncomfortable then call your pediatrican and get her in there. It's best to have him/her take a look and prescribe the best medicine (or no medicine at all). It's Friday, so don't wait.

Good luck - hope she's feeling better soon.

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answers from Pittsfield on

I agree with Mommy Of 1 :)

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answers from Cleveland on

yeah, this one sounds too complicated to guess at, i vote dr. if she is comfortable don't bother doing anything until you can get into the office.

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answers from Chicago on

Since this is a sudden rash, i would also say take her to the doc. Cortisone could help but it could also make it worse. She could be having a reaction to something but it is better to take her in to make sure.



answers from Seattle on

If she has received antibiotics for a UTI it might be a yeast infection. Running around in a wet bathing suit and then wetting the bed may have helped the yeast to "take off" overnight.
Another possibility it that it is chafing (if she's a little chubby) or a combination of the two.
I would probably take her to the doctor and get it looked at, just to be sure.
Good luck.


answers from Eugene on

It's early call the nurse's hotline in Salem or at Peace Health in Eugene. Maybe the hospital in Albany has one as well. The nurse will tell you what it might be. Ask a Nurse is what they ususally call that hotline.
In all rashes that itch a cup of baking soda in a warm bath tends to soothe the itching.


answers from Columbia on

Since it's Friday and there are any number of thingsthis could be, I would call the doctor. If you don't and it is worse tomorrow you will be stuck with an urgent care or ER visit, Makes more sense to check it out now and save her the suffering, and you the bill.
Hope things improve soon!



answers from Philadelphia on

My bet is that it is a yeast infection from being on an antibiotic, having a wet bathing suit on an then wetting the bed. I would try an OTC yeast medication and if it is not better by Monday then call the doctor.


answers from Dallas on

Id call the nurses line to be safe. Can't hurt! Seems like everything gets worse when its the wknd and the doc is closed!


answers from Norfolk on

I think she got a little dehydrated and her pee got concentrated to the point where it burnt her when she wet the bed.
If she had a bladder infection, I'm not sure going to the fountains was a good idea.
Try an oatmeal bath (Aveeno make a good one) and make sure she drinks plenty of fluids (and cranberry juice).

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