5 Weeks Pregnant and Bleeding After Yesterdays Pap Smear

Updated on January 05, 2012
M.D. asks from Fresno, CA
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So I'm stressing right now, I'm 21 years old and this is my second time being pregnant. The first time I was pregnant I miscarried at 6 weeks. The bleeding during my first pregnancy led me to find out that I was miscarrying and when the doctor did an ultra sound there was nothing there only a sac. She said the embryo probably never grew...... It was a horrible time for us. So We concluded that maybe it wasn't our time to have a child and we decided to wait about a year.since that time about 1 1/2 years ago my bf and I practiced safe sex up until last month we decided to try and sure enough a few weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. However it was faintly positive which worried me because my first pregnancy also showed a faint positive and I miscarried only a couple weeks after. Well yesterday my bf and I went to our first prenatal visit and my doctor did confirm my pregnancy and decided to do a pap smear. The pap did not hurt and was fairly quick however she let me know I might have light pinkish spotting and discharge, and I did a few hours after which was hardly noticeable but I did experience slight cramps that shortly went away. However this morning I woke up to pee and found bright red blood when I peed. I'm devastated right now and in tears writing this. I feel convinced that I have miscarried and i feel helpless. The thought of not being able to bare a baby is worrying me and to make matters worse I experienced horrible cramps all morning. Like I said I don't want to be negative but is this normal to bleed after a pap and if it isn't and I have miscarried once again what can I do? I fear that I won't be able to have children and not have any answers as to why..... During my first pregnancy the doctor concluded that I was.Rh negative so we took care of that and I recievied the shot about 4 days after bleeding from my first miscarriage and she said my future pregnancies would be okay...... In addition I have mild anxiety and take a low dosage of 10 mg a day of lexapro. Since I found out I was pregnant about a week and half ago I have stopped taking it everyday and have taken 2 pills of 10 mg since, considering I dont want to have withdrawals. Could there be a chance that my antidepressamt could have something to do with a possible early on miscarriage. Yesterday at my visit my OB suggested I stop taking it so I decided to stop. I am planning on going to the doctor tomorrow and see what my OB tells me whether I could be miscarrying. But until then I need advice, could the pap be the reason for my bleeding or miscarriage, my negative Rh factor, or should I have stopped talking my antidepressant altogether before conceiving... Has anyone else experienced recurring miscarriages so early on during first trimester if so have you found answers. I have read that these chemical pregnancies (early miscarriages in which the sac develops but embryo does not) cannot be prevented in fact it isn't anyone's fault. But this isn't enough for me I feel like there has to be some more answers. I need hope. : ( god bless

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your comments advice and love. Unfortunately my hormone levels were rather low and the doctor is sure I have once again miscarried due to slit of bleeding. Todays been a difficult day but I'm maintaining my hope and I'm determ
ined to find the answers. Coming home and reading all your comments has given me hope and reassured me that there is hope for me to one day have a baby, something that I want so bad. Im so grateful for all of you taking your time to read and respond.. : ). So ttomorrow my doctor is having me do blood work to see what the issue could be such as a blood clotting disorder low progesteone llevels or other hormonal imbalances that are causing the fetus to dissolve and not implant itself into my uterus causing my early miscarriages or chemical pregnancy. My doctor suggested we wait a few months before trying again and until th
en I'm going to make some changes to my lifestyle. I'm going to relax and try not to stress my body on ttc. I'm going to continue taking my prenatals everyday and build up my immune system for a future potential pregnancy.... I hope everything works out for my boyfriend and i. God bless all of you.

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Unfortunately, OBs routinely do paps at the first or second prenatal appointment. I declined this with my second pregnancy, and my home birth midwives never even mentioned it needing to be done.

My heart goes out to you, and I'm sending prayers for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby this time!



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I have no answers for you, M., just wanted to send you some big hugs.

I have several friends who have had multiple miscarriages and then have gone on to have beautiful babies. I know that doesn't take away the sorrow of having a miscarriage, but maybe it will give you hope that you will be a mommy sooner or later. Hang in there!



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M.- I wish I could give you answers, but I can only tell you what my doc told me when I had a miscarriage. He told me that there was absolutely nothing that I did that caused it, it is just one of those things, and many times women miscarry without even knowing they were pregnant, they just get a heavy period and assume it was just their period. So don't assume that because you had one or more miscarriages that you will never conceive a child. After my miscarriage I stressed so much during the next pregnancy, so I know how anxious you are. I had diarrhea and spotting and freaked out because that is what happened with the failed pregnancy. whether coincidence or not, with the pregnancy after the miscarriage, I was pregnant with twins but had an early miscarriage of the one twin and I am convinced that the spotting was because of that, even though the doc said it wasn't (the doctor said I would have never known about the twin had I not had early blood work and ultrasound done because of the miscarriage the last time). I went on to have a perfectly healthy baby, so there is hope.

As for the previous posts about pap smears and antidepressants, with each of my previous 3 pregnancies, the doctor did a pap smear at the first prenatal visit. I think I had some light bleeding and cramping afterwards. My SIL is bipolar, and she was on antidepressants through both pregnancies. They decided that it was better to have her be sane and on meds than have a crazy pregnant lady off meds. Her kids were fine, and she did not miscarry because of the meds. If weaning you off of the med, it should be done gradually, never cold turkey, but because you stopped just yesterday, this has nothing to do with whatever is happening to you now.

Call your doc tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.


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Only your ob can give you the answers you need to this question. I wouldn't be taking an antidepressant at all if trying to get pregnant. Ads on TV for some of them say they cause birth defects. I don't know about the one you take. You will have to see the doctor and see if you are having a miscarriage or not. Some people do have some bleeding though in the first few months. Try not to panic until you see the doctor and I don't think the Rh factor has anything to do with the bleeding or miscarriage.



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What your going through really touched me. I can sense your sweetness and how much a baby means to you. Lets hope that today you will have positive news and all this worry and anxiety is for nothing. So until then I'll share with you . It must be routine to have a pap at the first doctor visit unless you just recently had one. It's happened with all my pregnancies. You remind me of me with my first pregnancy at age 24. I was so devestated when we lost that baby and thought I'd never get to have children. With the second pregnancy My doctor was so understanding and willing to hear me because I did not want to lose another baby and I researched possible causes. I found out that if your body doesn't produce enough progestrone you can lose the baby. Levels drop after the first few weeks and the pregnancy can't maintain. I asked to be tested when I got pregnant again and sure enough during that week my levels were dropping and I began treatment. That pregnancy was so full of anxiety because I was so afraid of losing the baby. I needed to be a mom. The mom I never had. I never stopped worring until the baby was in my arms. And then I finally knew I got to be a mom. My dream. With my next pregnancy we tested and my levels never dropped . My doctor said the worse you feel the better it is. It's a sign of a healthy pregnancy. One thing I learned is you know your body better then anyone. Listen to your intuition and never feel bad doing everything within your power for your babies, born or unborn. If you find out this is a miscarriage and feel it was the pap, don't have one the next time you are pregnant. You do what feels right for you. Try to release your anxiety. I know it's hard but just know that God has a plan for you and his timing is perfect. I am sure you will get to be the mom you long to be. I am praying for you now that everything is fine and that you can have a lovely, peaceful, nauseous pregnancy with a sweet little baby to hold at the end. This time or the next. God Bless



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I don't want to give fails hope or go the other direction either. I will say, my mom tried to get pregnant with my sister for about a year. She finally went to the dr to find out why she wasn't getting pregnant and she was 3 months along. She had, what she thought was her period for the first trimester.
I understand how you're feeling, I have had 3 miscarriages and the unknown is scary and frustrating. I too was on lexapro until we started trying to get pregnant with my daughter. My depression wasn't that bad so I got off of it while trying to get pregnant and never went back. My gp said it was safe and I didn't have to get off of it, but I didn't want to chance anything. I am not a doctor but I doubt it's a factor in things.
Wait until you talk to your dr though, this could go either way. If it is another miscarriage I suggest demanding blood work. I really wish I would have told them they were doing blood work after my second miscarriage, although when I did get the bloodworm it all came back fine. There is a blood clotting thing that can cause early miscarriages that is possible
To try and end on a good note, my sister-in-law had 2 miscarriages and we now have my amazing niece!
Best of luck, you are in my thoughts!

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