5 PT Harness Carseats

Updated on February 21, 2012
L.S. asks from Henderson, NV
11 answers

I am looking for suggestion on a 5 pt harness for older kids-I have a 6 yr old who is 40 lbs and a 5 yr old who is 35 lbs. I already ahve a Britax one for both in my truck, but we are looking for ones for my husbands car since they are at the 40 lbs limit on the ones in there-any suggestions? Thanks. L.

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answers from Cleveland on

i have the graco nautilious, goes to 65lbs in harness and 100 high back booster and 120 regular booster. its GREAT

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answers from Dallas on

We have the Britax Frontier 85. Love that car seat!

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answers from Detroit on

I second the Britax Frontier 85. Love Britax!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check the ratings on consumerreports.com. They give safety ratings plus cost. This will help you make a decision. There are some very safe models that are not too expensive. Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

Britax frontier 85! Harnesses to 85 lbs then uses the belt to 120. You'll likely never need another seat unless they expire before your kids are big and old enough, your kids are tiny :)

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answers from San Diego on

Just bought the Graco Nautilus and Graco Argos, which are both 3-in-1 seats. So, you can use the as forward facing up to 65 lbs, then use them as a full booster and then backless booster. Babies R Us is having a trade-in event today and tomorrow; bring in your old seats or other baby gear and get 25% off the new item. Google it and you'll see the details. If you buy two carseats at once, they'll give you an extra 10% off if you ask for the twin discount.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I have 4 MyRide 65s by Graco. Love them.

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answers from San Francisco on

Recaro or Sunshine Radian



answers from Los Angeles on

We have the Recaro Pro Sport (which can be used as a 5 pt for up to 90 lbs. & also can be used as a high back booster) & the Sunshine Kids Radian 80, which is a 5 pt only (no booster function) up to 80 lbs. We love them both. The Radian seat bottom does fold up & makes it easier to carry through airports, though it is heavy. The Recaro has the "wings" to give it some side impact protection & also makes a rest for a sleeping child's head. We've had the Radian for 4 years now, & I think they've replaced our model with one that goes up to 85 lbs.



answers from Las Vegas on

Sunshine Radian. I have the 65, but there is an 80 one as well (that is the lb limit). The height limit is 51 or 53 inches, a few more than my Britax Marathon. We bought the Radian as out travel seat several years ago (it folds up) but also use it when we go places in other people's cars, and will move my son into it when he outgrows the Marathon (he is only 3.5 now) or we need it for another kid. I think he will be in the Radian almost until he doesn't have to be in a car seat anymore (8 years old). This is a great seat, and also not as wide as most others, so they take up less space. It is also lower and sits more in the seat, so a larger kid isn't hanging off, I can't really imagine my son at 5 or 6 in the Marathon, it would probably be uncomfortable for him.



answers from Los Angeles on

My son is about to turn 6..i have him in the Recaro 5 pt harness..love it..great carseat..built by a race car company..when i went in to check different car seats the sales lady told me its the best one ...i got it cheaper online ..it was on sale at the time but not sure if they're still having the sale..here is the site i bought it on http://www.modparent.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=recaro&a...


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