5 Point Carseat for 5 Year Old

Updated on August 06, 2008
T.G. asks from Aliso Viejo, CA
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Need some advice regarding a carseat for our 5 year old. I think the carseat we have him in now, is only for up to 40 pounds as a 5 point restraint system. It has the ability to us the regular seatbelt, but I would rather have one that uses the 5 point restraint. Are there any carseats available for a 5 year old that weighs 42 pounds with a 5 point restraint system?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes! My almost 6 year old daughter rides in the Britax Regent. We all love it!!

Here is an overview taken from Britaxusa.com

Highest Forward-Facing Seat Capacity allows children to remain harnessed up to 80 pounds

Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness with four harness heights for a snug and secure fit

Premium Push-Button LATCH Connectors for a quick, simple and tight installation

Patented Versa-Tether anchors top of seat to minimize movement in a crash

Mesh Storage Pockets conveniently located for children to access drinks and snacks

Made in the U.S.A. with US and global components


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answers from Los Angeles on

Another vote for the Britax Regent. I bought it for my son when he was 5 and he is 8 and just came out of it. I'm SO GLAD he had that protection. I would NOT get a flimsy Graco high back booster (unless I had no other options). You can feel the difference in EPS foam protection, though to be fair the newer ones seem better than the ones out even a year ago.


While it's true at 5 he "could" use a booster till he is 6 years old and 50 lbs, that is not necessarily the safest.

There is a difference:

Different states have different laws. California says at least up to 6 years and 60 lbs. Utah & Massachussettes just put new laws on the books that say up to 8 years old and (or?) 80lbs.

Canada has different laws, but they are also saying minimum 4'9" tall OR 80 lbs OR 8-9 years old.

My son is 4' 4" tall and he is still in a booster. He doesn't like it. He wishes he could be out of it because some friends asked him "why are you still in a baby seat"? The Regent is NOT a baby seat. People just don't know.

He said he did love the comfort and he would still be in it his friends stopped bringing it up.



answers from San Diego on

Hi T., at 5 he could use a booster seat, until he is 6 and 50 pounds, that is the information that has came down from Child catre licensing to all day care providers. J.



answers from Los Angeles on

Funny you should post this. I've just been doing research on this very topic. My son is 3.5 and is 40lbs & over 40in tall & we have the Britax Marathon. My youngest (4.5 months) is about to move up to that seat, so we are looking for a 5-point seat for him to move up to. The Britax Regent is a nice seat but BIG!!! Britax now makes a slim-er model called the Frontier that's probably my front runner right now. The Evenflo seat(s) does have a 5 point harness for up to 50 lbs. but a few customers complained that connector in the seat (that goes between their legs) is set back into the seat. And if that part is at all under your child (the people that posted that said their kids were at least 40lbs), you cannot use the 5-point harness and can only use the booster part of seat - completely defeats the purpose of getting the seat. Elitecarseats.com had a good comparison guide. There was a another brand that started with an R (maybe Ricaro?) that had good reviews and fit what you (&I) are looking for. Good luck & if you find out something else, please send it along, I'd love to hear!



answers from Los Angeles on

what type of carseat do you have? one that may be good for him is the evenflo high back booster. it has a 5 point harnes that goes up to 50lbs then it also has the seat belt adjusters. this is the one i use with my daughter whos 1 1/2yrs i like it because i will never need another one :)

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