5 Month Old Wont Take a Bottle and Screams at Everyone but Me!!!

Updated on October 29, 2009
M.B. asks from Huntington Beach, CA
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I have a 5 month old little boy.He has been breasted since birth, and I went back to work 2 weeks ago.I should have tried WAY earlier,but didnt think of it and now I am trying to get him to take a bottle and he wont.I KNOW....SUPER DUMB!!!But we broke him of sleep issues my 2 year old had and didnt even think of the bottle thing.I finally have gotten him to take it from me, but he wont take it from anyone else and will go from 3:30 pm until he falls asleep without eating.He wakes up around midnight to eat and will take the bottle from me,but if my husband tries he screams at him.I finally started him on cereal early, so that he was at least getting some kind of food while Im gone.It is stressing me out and I know it has to be difficult for my poor husband who is trying to work with my 5 month old screaming at him while chasing our 2 1/2 year old around.Ive tried every nipple you can think of.And as I said before,he will take the bottle from me now, but screams at my husband, mom, & whoever else who tries.They have tried wearing one of my shirts for the scent, quiet rooms, dark rooms, different positions....the works.Please help!!!!!!

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answers from San Diego on

Oh, you just brought back memories of my daughter when she was 5-months. She would not take a bottle. I tried every bottle out there. My pediatrician finally told me(I looked horrible from not being out for mom time), that I needed to take a day and sit with her in the rocker with the bottle. I was not to breastfeed her but to give her the bottle. If she refused, keep trying. It took an entire day. She would cry herself to sleep in my arms, wake up, refuse the bottle, cry herself to sleep, etc. At about 4pm(yes, I remember and it was 5 years ago), she finally took the bottle. I felt horrible during the time, but I kept rocking her, singing to her, talking to her, and offering her food in a bottle. The following night, my husband paid for a babysitter, and I went out with friends for the first time since she was born. From that point on, she was fine with breastfeeding AND the bottle.

I hope that helps. Good luck.


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answers from Los Angeles on

i went back to work at nights with my 2 boys and it was the same thing. they would only take the bottle from me. i finally decided to just give them baby food while i was gone. i had my husband put milk or water in a sippy cup with no stopper to give them while eating so when i got home i would feed them. they both seemed fine with eating baby food in the evening and they actually weened onto a sippy cup rather than a bottle.
i am not sure this will be your solution but it worked for our family.



answers from Los Angeles on

HI there, try a sippy cup....could be he just doesn't like the bottle. Hang in there!!



answers from San Diego on

My daughter never took the bottle but we didn't push the issue since I am a stay at home mom. However, never being able to be gone for too long did take it's toll on me so we went to sippy cups too. We used the ones with the big soft nipple looking top - I think it's called Nibby. We started giving her a cup around 4-5mo. It helped greatly and she would drink from that but not a bottle! I will say it was VERY messy though since they come out pretty fast but at least we had something to fall back on.

Good luck.

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