5 Month Old Has Ringworm on Arm

Updated on August 24, 2008
L.R. asks from Venice, CA
4 answers

Hi Moms,
Anyone with experience treating ringworm on a baby? Any advise would be appreciated! Pediatrician recommended Lotrimin AF, but I've read about possible side effects for its active ingredient clotrimazole. I have a creme anti fungal with the active ingredient tolnaftate, which I've read has less side effects. Not sure what to use, not sure what to do.

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answers from Reno on

We've all passed ring worm around this summer! My boy has two and so do I! My doc also recomended the lotrimin, however I have been using the prescription I was given and it seems to be taking a long time to get rid of. I'm sure the lotrimin is your best bet, but if you are uncomfortable then use the other! Ring worm is a fungal, just like athletes foot. IT IS NOT A WORM. Truely it is more annoying then anything. It doesn't hurt or bother (as long as it doesn't get infected...which is kinda rare) so do what you feel is best. It really isn't a big deal! Once cooler temps come that will help also! (the moisture)

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answers from Honolulu on

It's common in kids.
As a child me and all the other kids had that too. I know it's hard with a baby... but it can itch, and if scratched can get spread.

For us, I had a prescription creme for it, when I was a child.

Yes, there are many different kinds of anti-fungal creams with different "active" ingredients. My Pediatrician recommended Clotrimazole (which is also in yeast infection creams over the counter for women). But there are different kinds.. use the one which you know has the least side effects... being your baby is so young. There are also the anti-fungal creams which are used for 'athlete's foot" and "jock-itch." It's all different variations of "anti-fungal" purposes.

As your Pediatrician for an alternative.

You could also try diluted "Tea Tree" oil. On a baby's delicate skin... you would not want to use it full strength. But again, ask your Pediatrician about it. Or ask him/her of any homeopathic remedies available.

Any kind of "fungus" can spread, and can be hard to get rid
of. It can also be transfered from pet to human, or human to pet. My Dad once got ring worm from our dog. But the vet said HE probably gave it to our dog. LOL.

Here is a link for info.:

take care,



answers from San Diego on

Hi L., It's good to ask alot of questions, it just shows you want to do what is best for your baby, creams, or sparys that anti fungal on ring worms, I had one in the back of my thigh not to long ago, amd my 21 year old son had one on his face, that we picked up from one of my daycare children, used a anti fungal spray, I used Tea tree oil on mine both product worked. J. L.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have three children, two grown now but at one time or another each got ringworm. It's not that uncommong. I treated them with or the younger one with Lotrimin and he was fine. Can't remember the name of the first RX but the ointment rids the ringworm pretty fast. IF your Pediatrician prescribed it, I would go a head and use it. The ringworm will spread pretty fast if you delay treatment. Best wishes!

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