5-Year Old Daughter's Voice Is Changing?

Updated on May 21, 2010
D.F. asks from Twinsburg, OH
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My daughter will be turning 5 next week. For the past month her voice will sound scratchy and sometime hoarse. It will go in and out and she will complain about it. Seems to happen more when she is singing. She loves to sing. Is her voice changing? Or is this related to allergies or possibly acid reflux? It costs $25 to take her to the doctors and she will have her annual checkup next month. Wondering if I should wait it out. I looked at her throat and one day it will appear red and the next day it will look fine. It does not hurt when she drinks Orange Juice or anything else acidic. Can a child's voice change since she's getting out of the toddler stage?

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So What Happened?

I think it was related to allergies. I posted this 1 year ago and this Summer she has shown other signs (like an itchy nose) that would fall under the category of having allergies. She hates the taste of her allergy medicine but asks for it because her itchy nose drives her crazy and the medicine makes the itchy go away.

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Since it's an on-and-off change, and she complains that it feels scratchy, it's quite likely allergies. Acid reflux is a possibility too, if you know she has that problem anyway. If she had a cold recently, this could be a lingering irritation. Much rarer would be a polyp growing in her throat. Voice changes due to maturity are rare in kids so young unless there's an endocrine disorder, and she'd probably have other symptoms as well, like the growth of pubic hair.

If it's really bothersome, I'd check it out. A month would probably be okay to wait if it's only occasional and not troubling her too much.

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Like another mom, I believe it could be allergies. The timing seems to suggest it. One of my sons always had a scratchy voice on and off. It was from post nasal drip. He now uses a nasal spray and allergy pill and is fine. Unless it's really painful for her right now, I'd just make sure to bring it up at her check up next month. Can't hurt to try Zyrtec or Claritin in the mean time. My pediatrician told me you have to give the medicine a couple weeks. Hope this helps! I have 3 at home, and all suffer from allergies. They aren't fun.

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Sorry about the money, but I would really recommend getting her in to the doctor. Strep, untreated, can lead to other complications, and if her throat is red at times, then something's going on. There are kids who have that raspy sort of voice, but they have it when they're 2, 3, 4...it doesn't just change because they're getting older. I hate bringing my boys in to the dr when it's not necessary (seems like they pick up a bug in the waiting room almost every time we go--then we're back in to get that treated a week later!) but if I were you, I'd get this checked out.

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I know it's another $25., but if it were me, I would take her to the doctor to check it out. Because I always think, what if it's a first sign of something bad, and they didn't catch it right away because I didn't want to spend the money on the doctor? I could never live with myself if that happened. But, that's ME. : ) I bring a lot of guilt upon myself!



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I agree that it could be something simple as allergies/acid reflux, but it could also be something bad (eg a friend would who is an avid singer stated that for a while her voice was scratchy, then she had a hard time swallowing food (it got stuck) - it turns out she had a cyst under her tongue).

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