4X Women's Clothes?

Updated on March 27, 2008
R.D. asks from Elizabethtown, PA
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Hello, Ladies, I am embarrassed to admit it but it is true that I wear 4X clothes. As much as I intend to lose weight, I still need clothes in the interim. My clothes always seem to be stained or torn because of being a mom, which I hope you can understand. At the same time, I am have a business from my home, and I'd like to dress professionally. Where can I find contemporary styles of 4x women's clothes at bargain prices?

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answers from Lancaster on


They have very nice professional clothing. You can also order a catalog that will come to your house. Also Lane Bryant has very nice plus sized clothing but that tends to be more trendy type things, but they do have a few selections that seem to be geared toward professional work place clothing. Good luck!

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answers from Harrisburg on

Hi Rebecca ~ I am a thrift store lover (with 4 fast growing boys you have to be, LOL) The Salvation Army Stores have a pretty decent plus size section. After I had my 4th son I needed clothes for the interim also, I had no problem finding jeans, shirts, or dressier items for church. You could also check Goodwill (love them too). Hope this is helpful. Blessings ~ J.
P.S. ~ Definitely understand the stained thing, I think we are magnets for that just because of our name!! Especially if we are wearing white!!! :)

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answers from York on

Dear Rebecca,
CJ Banks has beautiful clothing for plus size women. However, I will say they can be pricey. That being said, there are almost ALWAYS things on a sale rack. Make/take time to visit once a week, if possible. I have learned to shop ONLY from the sale rack, as I cannot afford their clothing at "regular" price. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me ~ nearly every time I go I find one or two things for a VERY reasonable price, often 50% or more off the regular price. Also, Fashion Bug has a plus size dept., although I'm not sure how large they run. Check them out - you've got nothing to lose. I'll be praying for you as you begin your weight loss journey. I know that it is a challenge. While I was slightly over 200 at my heaviest, my best friend was probably close to the size you are, and she said that she learned (while working @ CJ Banks) that most ladies tend to purchase one or more sizes larger than they really need. If at all possible, shop WITHOUT hubby or kids, and ask the sales clerks for their opinion on what YOU pick out. Or, allow them to make a few recommendations, provided you don't have a problem with spending. (I did for awhile.) ;) Good luck and God bless!

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