4Th Grade Science Fair Projects

Updated on February 04, 2008
M.H. asks from Valparaiso, IN
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HELP PLEASE! My 10 year old daughter just brought home a packet saying that she has to do a science project that will make up a MAJOR part of her grade. I am freaking out, I was not good at science at all and she is the type of child that would let it go til the last minute and then panic. We have been trying to come up with something interesting but educational and I am stumped, so if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

First of all relax. This project is your child's. It doesn't matter if you were good at science or not. I know you want your child to be the best. Follow instructions. When a child gets this assignment there should be a sheet outlining the scientific process that she is expected to learn and be able to explain what was done.
You can do a project as simple as bread molding in the refrigerator. What they are looking for is your child learning the scientific process. The steps should be in the directions. They are looking for documenting what's happening, lets say, to the bread. Like a log, maybe digipics. A daily observation that is recorded. She would then need to know what mold is. I always used an encyclopia.
I always went to the library or the bookstore and got a child's science fair project book. Do what is easy. My kids got an A on doing the statistics of flipping different kinds of coins.
The best thing about this is you can pass your project to your next child!!! Or just do something similar. Once you learn the scientific process you can make a project out of almost anything.
I hope this helps.



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Talk to the teacher to get some ideas. If you explain to the teacher, may he/she can suggest some projects that are not too difficult. At my daughters school, one student did his subject on the anti-bacterial hand soaps. Are they better than regular hand soaps? Something that happens more frequently that I would like is what causes mold to grow on foods in the refrigerator? What happens when you use water, ice cubes or pop to water houseplants.

Check out books from the library. The used to have books available for projects.

Or, check the internet.




answers from San Francisco on

Make a visit to your local library, have the librarian help you find books on easy science projects, believe me, there are alot of them!
At her age they don't have to be complicated, she just has to learn something from what she reads. Here are some that I thought of...
Keep track of the temperature for a week, make a graph chart. Have her find out what the averages for this time of year are. Make her familiar with words like humidity, wind speed, barometer. Have her watch the local news and make notes on what they discuss in the weather section.
Have her research the growth of a chicken inside an egg. Have her draw pictures of each stage. Have her discover where the chick gets it's energy to grow from.
Have her research uses for trees, where they grow, how much we use on a daily basis, the impact on the world.
Not all science has to be about numbers, some of it can be quite fun! You just have to be willing to think on it a bit. Ask HER what she is interested in! =) Good luck!



answers from Terre Haute on

I was watching the early show and they had this web site www.brianpop.com and they have all sorts of science stuff. I hope you find something interesting.



answers from Chicago on

I teach 4th grade and any easy one to do is plants (vascular vs. non vascular) or animals classifications



answers from Chicago on

THINK SLIME! Depending on what is expected in the project, here is one that all three of my kids have done in school.


They each did it with their class, but we bought the Borax and did it at home, too. It's easy and fun (and there's a "why" explanation on the site). It's weird, but it works! You'll both be amazed that Borax and glue can make slime. I use the Borax occasionally in the laundry, so it hasn't gone to waste. Good luck!



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My daughter did bubble gum, what last's the longest,what taste the best, compaired to advertisements, etc....she won 1st prize in the fair. Was asked to go the state.
Oh, you can but the triple board at office max it is about $7.00 it makes for a better display.
Good Luck

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