4Th Birthday Party Favors

Updated on May 25, 2013
A.H. asks from Chicago, IL
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Need some fresh ideas on this...having a party at my house for about 18 kids for my daughter's 4th birthday. I really don't want to do goody bags this time. I'd like to do one gift for each child to take home at the end of the party. I like the idea of a small flower pot and some seeds. Any other fun ideas you mamas might have for one gift for the kids to leave with?

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answers from Salinas on

A gift card/certificate for an ice cream cone at an ice cream store (delayed gratification) and some bubbles or a lollipop (immediate gratification).

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answers from Miami on

Kites (under $5)
Craft Kit
Water bottles with their names on them
Balloon Rockets set (Michael's)
Mini Lego sets

This year, we are doing a Star Wars party... we made Light Sabers out of pool noodles ($1 each + duct tape), "flying discs" (frisbees $1) and a candy bar. We got big "gift bags" and are putting their "Jedi Names" on the bags for them to put their "Jedi training tools" into, along with the pinata candy.

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answers from Kansas City on

Flower pot is a great idea. My kids love planting seeds and watching them grow. Maybe for part of the party you could have the kids decorate their pots. It is a good craft that will occupy at least a few minutes! :) Then that is their favor with a little pack of seeds. You might put some soil in a ziplock too so they have enough for when they get home otherwise they may never get planted.

Pinwheels are in the dollar section at Target right now and my kids love those! You could also do a helium balloon with a sucker or small bag of M&Ms tied to them. Books are nice too.

You'll get a lot of people telling you not to send anything home, but I always like to do something practical (pots) or fun and done like the balloon.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I like your idea of a sm flower pot & seeds.
Or better yet a sm flower pot & a tiny flower from the Dollar store you
plant yourself.
Or you could do something small for each child like:
-a small pretty pink frame
-sm piece of pottery for them to paint (you can pick up for $1/each)
-sm wood jewelry box for them to paint & bejewel (again you can p/u @
the Dollar Store)
-fun crazy socks (again from the Dollar Store)
-colorful hairband
-a tween magazine
-pair of earrings from the Dollar store
-cool magnet
-$2 certificate to the local ice cream shop

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've given books for the last few birthday parties - just finished stuffing goody bags a few minutes ago!

My kids each got a nice ball at the last party he went to - bouncy, about the size of a soccer ball... the kind you would see in huge cages at the toy store. They love them!

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answers from Los Angeles on

for my older daughter's first we stocked up on $1 books from her preschool book order throughout the year and gave those. for my second's I made crayon rolls http://thepleatedpoppy.com/2010/05/crayon-roll-tutorial/ and bought comp books for ten cents. we decorated to comp books at the party and I passed out the crayon rolls when they left.

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answers from Kansas City on

Coloring book & crayons.

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answers from New York on

This question seems to come up frequently. I'm glad you decided not to do the horrendous goody bags.

Depending on the "theme" of the party, you may want to consider having the party favor match the theme. Personally, I prefer when the party favor is part of the party. You can decorate the flower pot and plant the seed as an activity at the party. I love this idea.

Other thoughts...
pool toy
beach ball
activity book
small game

Take a walk through the dollar store for other ideas.

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answers from Las Vegas on

with summer coming up, you might be able to find a good deal on a bunch of beach balls, buckets, shovels and or beach towels.. .

flip flops in bright colors (get em in an average size of a 4 yr old) that you can decorate yourself... Michael's seems to have stuff for that...flowers, glitter... etc..

coloring books and a set of crayons
mini play doh ten pack ....
LOVE Mr. Potato Head :)
Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

gotta say, I've always loved the Etc A Sketch, Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys... My brother and I would play for hours with these toys..

check out this site http://www.fatbraintoys.com/toy_companies/channel_craft/s...

It's a cute jump rope.. comes in a cute tin so that could be the gift box.. plus, other GREAT gift ideas..

good luck

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answers from Detroit on

If someone gave my four year old a pot with seeds I would most likely have a van/ house full of dirt-or overwatered seeds before I had a chance to grab it from her.
Maybe just print a digital pic of the birthday child with said child and have them make foam frames?
I hate to be redundant-but I have made edible jewelry kits and those were a big hit. O shaped cereal and gummy candy with shoelace licorice/elastic.
Depends on the theme of the party too. My four year old loves music, so small kazoos, or harmonicas would be a treasure for her.
What about if you made a jar type gift? Like the cookies in a jar, but use kid concoctions for the recipe-like bubbles in a jar-just add water. Or spray chalk in a spray bottle. Those treasure rocks that can be made are cool for that age set.

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answers from Chicago on

Ikea has cheap wood frames that you could put out for the kids to decorate with cheap supplies--e.g., markers, stickers, etc. during the party. They take the frame home. Then you can take a pic of the child or a group pic at the party and send it with the thank you card.



answers from New York on

I guess if you really feel you need to give out something, the flower pot would work. I always found favors a waste of money. I am talking birthday favors, bridal shower, baby shower and wedding favors. At least the seeds and pot stand a chance lol. Pai t the date on the bottom. Who knows maybe something g will grow and grow and be around for years to come.

Oh Spalding balls are great too.



answers from Chicago on

I did a Hello Kitty Party. Found what I needed at the dollar section at target. Even bought each girl Long Hello Kitty socks they were on clearance at target and all the girls put on the socks to dance with. They all mixed the socks up since that is the new thing to wear missed match socks. I know you said no Goody bags, but the goody bag itself was a bag that they could use to the beach or the pool.



answers from Dallas on

Healthy snacks! They have already had enough sugar. Coloring books and crayons. The dollar tree has party favors like little balls, kazoos, etc. My daughter wanted to plant seeds a few months ago. We tried and it was a great mess. She just wanted to keep pouring water everywhere. She is 4.



answers from San Antonio on

My favorite to give and get are ones that are consumables on the way home that are healthy.

For my son's last birthday party I gave a small bottle of water and a small bag of cheese crackers. I attached a note that said "As a friend, you CRACK me up! Thanks for coming to my party!"

I received so many comments and notes about how it was great to have the kids be able to eat a snack and drink water on the way home. Kids are always over-sugared and under-hydrated after parties. That will be the way I go from now on.

Good Luck! :)

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