4Month Old Shots Side Affects

Updated on February 10, 2009
A.L. asks from Conyers, GA
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I've called the doctor but wanted to see if any of you had had this problem or have advice. We took my 4 month old to get her shots friday and for the rest of the weekend, everytime we feed her she would throw it back up. she was healthy when we went to the doctor so the only thing we could figure was the shots. Has anyone had any trouble with their 4month shots?

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I've not had any side effects like you speak of. Very possibly she picked up a stomach virus at the DR office. Good place to get something. V.

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Yes that can be one of the side effects of getting vaccinations. There are so many numerous side effects. I would watch her though, which I'm sure you are. Doctors need to be reported to about the side effects. You can look on the CDC website and see the numerous side effects of vaccinations, if you'd like.



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I would be very interested in the replies you get because I am having the exact same problem with my 4 month old daughter. She just had her shots on Wednesday and since that time she has been throwing up(not spitting up) everytime I nurse her. I have 2 older daughters(9 & 3)and have never had this reaction. My diet has not changed. I just can not pinpoint it. I almost wonder if it wasn't the rotovirus oral vaccine that is doing this. My older daughters never had an oral. I wish you the best and hope that this passes soon.



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This is scary. They WILL say it's a coincidence. Use your best judgement.
My oldest started to have reactions with he was 12months, so I haven't given him any since and am thankful I did this. Ever child is so differant. Good luck and be careful.



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Hi, I would NOT let the doctors give any immunizations all at one time, or more than one a visit. There is a question out there as to whether a combination of some immunizations may be a trigger for autism. I am not saying your daughter will get it, but I would rather be on the safe side. I have a 6 year old with autism and have read stories from other parents who felt their child was developing normally till they went in to get the MMR's mumps, measles and rubella vaccinations, or some other series and then their children's development changed, slowed or reversed. Again, I am not a doctor, but other than the inconvience and maybe extra co-pay costs, if I had to do it again, I would space out my son's shots. Also, when you get her flu shot, have them give her the one that does not include the inactive mercury.



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You may want to join this group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Vaccinations/
It's the largest support and information group in the world regarding vaccine dangers and awareness. There is certainly reason for concern if your dear girl is reacting to the vaccines.




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Either the two are unrelated or your baby is having a reaction to the RV part of the vaccine. Not to worry, though. While it's not-too-common, it's not serious. Just do the BRAT diet and keep her hydrated.

I would call the pediatrician anyway -- just to keep them "in the know".

Check this out: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/downloads/vis-multi.pdf



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Hi A.,

My daughter didn't have any trouble with her 4 month shots and is getting ready for her 6 month shots soon. (We always pre-medicate with tylenol so it won't be painful.) Throwing up is not a side effect of the vaccinations. Was anyone else sick in the house? Has she been around any other sick kids? Was she near any sick kids while you were waiting at the pediatricians to be seen? We don't really have much of a separation between the sick and well kids at my pediatricians. I'd call your pediatrician so you can get some reassurance. This is very unlikely to be from her vaccinations (especially if she had her 2 month shots without any problems). Vaccinations are really important for your child's health so talk to your pediatrician. If anything, he or she can go through more specifically what symptoms are usually associated with the shots. It will also probably make you feel better. I hope your daughter is feeling better now. It's not nice to have your little one sick for any length of time.



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I've never had that problem, but I have had my child get sick just from being at the Dr.'s office-- we've gone for an appointment for my older child, and the baby is the one who comes home sick! I think it's just a germy place, and your kids are more likely to get sick if they're usually at home (instead of daycare, where they might be exposed to more and be immune). I'm home with mine, but we try to get out a lot to make sure they're exposed to things, but still, they've both caught colds right after a Dr. visit, so I'm guessing it's just all the germs there.



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It could be coincidence. However the Dr.s are extremely unlikely to admit connection whether they believe it is or not. Here are some links that may help you figure out if you are dealing with vaccine side effects. There is also the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System where you can report your experiences, I think parents can do it as well as the dr.s http://vaers.hhs.gov/

National Vaccine Information Center: www.909shot.com

Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute:

Institute for Vaccine Safety: www.vaccinesafety.edu

This is just the tip of the iceberg of information. There is also a google video that is a wealth of information; Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

Here is a link, I don't know how well it will cut and paste, but you can go to google video and search.

Good luck and I hope your little one is well soon!



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As a mom to a child who nearly died from a vaccine reaction who the Dr's said was just coincidence I don't believe that drs with all their monetary kick backs from big pharm are all that honest with us anymore. I love this site as well as some listed below me http://www.whale.to/ also this is the web address to the national vaccine info center http://www.nvic.org and http://childhoodshots.com it may be worth the drive to the charleston area to hear mary speak!

its all about gut you know your child and if you think they are related they probably are. 9 years ago i wish i had listened to my own gut when I thought something was wrong and not listend to the dr who said it was coincidence. It would have saved a subsequent ambulance ride (after the first reaction) and frequent ER visits after that.

Having had 3 children since then who have not been vaccinated i am STILL amazed at the difference developmentally from unvaxed and the selectively/delayed vaxed to the strict scheduled vaxed kids



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I never had that kind of trouble with shots, we always had a low grade fever a day or 2 after the shots. My guess is that she's picked up something between the Drs office and home.
Is she eating anything new? or if she's bf are you eating anything new?