44 And Missed Period.

Updated on July 01, 2010
M.V. asks from Fort Collins, CO
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Hi Ladies,
I am 44 and have not had a period since Mid May. I was sick at the time so I remember mid May. I got nervous this weekend and took a pregnancy test and it was negative. So my question is do I need to follow up right away with a doctor or can I just wait it out for a month or so to see if I still have no more periods. I feel fine otherwise. I am on Medicaid and don't really have a OB/Gyn that I feel comfortable with. My mom started the change in her 50"s but I am definitely getting hotflashes at night and can be overly moody. Just wondering is 44 a common age for stopping the period. Thanks ladies
So I forgot I have had my tubes tied with my last baby 6yrs ago. I tend to be very light anyways and have always averaged about 23-24 days.

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So What Happened?

I will probably wait a month or so. Like alot of you have said it is probably perimenopause. I will watch more replies and see what others say. Thanks everyone!

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answers from Austin on

It may come back and then go away again a few times. It may also vary in how heavy or light it is. I have been going through this for a few years now.. Sometimes I have 2 periods a month and then skip a few months..

I sleep with a window unit air conditioner, ceiling fan and a tower fan every night.. I know how you feel..

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answers from Portland on

Some women do stop in their 40's. You could also be in perimenopause – the period of gradually declining hormones that leads to full menopause. Periods become less reliable, and might skip for a long while. That started for me in my 40's and went on for many years. ("Surprise" babies happen during this period, when women assume they are no longer ovulating, and start skipping birth control.)

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answers from Birmingham on

If u are having hotflashes at this age u are definitely going through what we call "the change of life" Missed periods are only beginning. My mom is your age and she is going through this and it started in a very similar way as what u are describing. She has periods that last for 2 weeks and then she has missed periods for up to 3 months. I would definitely find an gyn u are comfortable with to have a check up. GOOD LUCK!!

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You could be going through perimenopause. Some women start this in their 30s, believe it or not. You might try a natural progesterone cream to get your hormones back in line.

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yes, it's probably menopause or the new term perimenopause that proceeds before menopause. If you're not having difficulties that you can't handle I suggest that you don't need to see a doctor. Even when you see a doctor, it can be your gp.

I never did see a doctor specifically about menopause until I was feeling so cranky I was having difficulty at work. This was years ago and I started on hormone replacement therapy. I didn't notice a difference taking it but I was able to tell my supervisor I was going thru menopause and both of us were more careful about what we said. lol I figure I "trained" him for his wife. lol

I suggest you go to the library and check out some books on menopause. When you know what to expect you'll feel less anxious.

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answers from Seattle on

3 most likely causes:

It could be your inner child playing with matches (menopause), or you could be preggers, or you could just be late because you were sick.

I've known women pregnant "oops" (as in not trying to get pregnant) in their 50's and 60's and women in their 30's who go through menopause.

So I'd wait a month. Just to be on the safe side, avoid drinking until your period starts. If it doesn't start and you still test negative, pop in to your doctor's office. :)

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answers from New York on

Often, menopause isn't a sudden thing - your periods will space out, not typically stop altogether. My sister just celebrated a year with no period - after more than 10 years in the perimenopausal stage. I am there myself, usually about 3 periods a year. You probably have not seen the last of your period, but 40's is certainly a normal time for perimenopause to begin. Be very, very careful with birth control, since you won't have regular cycles, harder to predict ovulation.

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answers from Norfolk on

It's probably not stopped altogether yet, but it's a lot less predictable. Since I've hit my mid 40's, I've had periods range anywhere from 2 weeks to 42 days, but most are fairly normal. If you have lots of heavy frequent bleeding (non stop bleeding, or a period every 2 weeks 3 sets in a row, etc) then I'd go see a doctor right away. Lot's of hot flashes that become so uncomfortable and are not helped by over the counter things like Estroven are a good reason to see a doctor, too.

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answers from Provo on

I know women go through menopause at all ages. The symptoms that you are describing are do to a drop in progesterone. I used to have terrible night sweats and got my blood tested and I hardly had an progesterone. I started taking progesterone and now I can sleep so much easier. I know that Medicaid decides what you need and sometimes it is not the easiest insurance to deal with. You can go to a health food store and get a progesterone cream and you should start feeling results almost immediately.. Progesterone will also help with the mood swings.

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answers from Merced on

I know a lot of people say that its too early for menopause, but I think it all depends on your family history. My mom started menopause at 35. When did your mom start? I would follow up with the doctor just in case



answers from Denver on

It could be perimenopause, or possibly a thyroid thing. This happened to me after having my daughter (at 43) and it was my thyroid. If you live in the Denver/Boulder area, check out the Boulder Valley Women's Health Clinic. They are awesome and work with women without insurance/on medicaid.



answers from Atlanta on

The ladies are right that it could be the beginning of menopause but it is too early for you. You can postpone it with good nutrition and NOT stressing. Stress of any kind will turn everything in your body upside down. I can send you some information on the vitamin I take. It has helped me tremendously and is guaranteed to absorb unlike most on the market. The name brands (One a Day, Centrum) and the generics they sell in Walmart or drug stores are acutally more dangerous than not taking one at all. I can explain that as well if you are interested. Let me know.




answers from Denver on

44 is early but possible. I would wait it out for a month and then check in with your doc. I wouldn't worry too much.

Good luck.



answers from Augusta on

You should definitely follow up with this. It is possible that you are beginning menopause but it could also be something more serious.

Also, menopause is the second most common time for accidental pregnancies, after teenage years so consider a repeat pregnancy test.

I would follow up ASAP. You will be relieved if it is nothing to worry about, and if it is something you need to address you will be glad to take care of it and not worry about it for months before you do.