40Th Birthday Party for Husband - Suggestions??

Updated on May 25, 2008
K.M. asks from Irving, TX
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My husband turns 40 in Aug. I'd like to do something special for him which includes his friends. I'm thinking with family and friends- around 30 people. It would be great to surprise him but that's not mandatory. He doesn't have a favorite sport or ativity that he's into and we can't afford to spend a ton of money. We are in Irving so I'm looking for someplace to go within a reasonable distance. If anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate some ideas!
Thank you!

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There is a separate room at Bellisimos, a family owned Italian place in Colleyville. Prices are great and I believe it is BYOB so folks can bring their own beer and wine, or have it delivered by Tivoli Wines just down the street. I like it because it's very family friendly (ie, you can be a little loud!) and pretty inexpensive. Hey, almost everyone is going to like pasta and pizza! Have fun!! J.

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K. -

In most cases (depending on what you serve) it will be cheaper to do a party at home than going someplace.

Having it at home you can serve finger foods (cheese, crackers, dips, etc.) or if you want you could have a fun hot dog or BBQ cookout - the food doesn't matter - honoring your husband does!

Check out the party website page


You'll find lots of milestone birthday ideas here and some great ways to make it extra special, such as the "Top 30 (or 40...) List".

You are awesome for wanting to make this a great event for him!!

L. E.

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K., when my husband turned 40, I had to make a big deal about it as well. I am a year older so when I turned 40, that whole next year I heard about how I was 40 & he was still 39. At the time, we were on a strick budget, and I wanted to throw him an " Over the Hill" party. My Aunt & sister helped me, we went to the dollar store & bought everything we could think of BLACK. For the food, I supplied the meat (BBQ), & asked the guest to bring a dish. My aunt made him a graveyard cake, I bought him a cane at the dollar store, & any other little gift for "old age". Party City has some great over the hill stuff that is NOT expensive. I ended up having to tell my husband about the party, because I could not afford to pay someone to BBQ, (hes the BBQ man). After the meat was put on, he went to his moms house to clean up, & allow us to decorate. When he came back home, he was so surprised by the decorations, & what everyone had done for "HIS" bday, he will still talk about it. The day was great, everyone had a great time, & we were not out a lot of money, and the best part........my husband felt like a king that day. Good Luck, T.



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I went to a 40th surprise B-DAY party. The wife told the husband that another couple had invited them to a wine-tasting party at The Vineyards winery off of Hwy. 121 in Grapevine. She told him that they just needed to "drop by," and then she would take him out for his "real" B-day dinner somewhere else. When they arrived all his friends and out-of-town family were there, including his mom and siblings. We all yelled, "Surprise!" It was fun. Hord'overs (did I spell that right?) and wine and sodas were offered. The highlight of the night, in my opinion, was a PowerPoint presentation on a movie screen of pictures from his childhood, college years, his marriage and kids.



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I don't have any ideas for you. We both don't do adult parties for birthdays, but it could be because with have 3 kids and the parties for them have been so over the top for the past 17 years that we just don't have any more to give party-wise.

So my suggestion to you is to set the bar carefully. You have a baby who's got a lot of parties ahead, so don't set yourself up to shell out one grandiose party after another. I have no idea how it happened to us, we always did home parties for the kids, but they got out of hand.

If your hubby likes parties, I like the Dave & Busters idea. There's things for other people's kids to do there, while the adults have fun.



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I surprised my husband with a casino style party. I found a casino supply store (at the time in Farmers Branch), which, I believe is casinosupply.com, located in Northwest Dallas. They had decks of cards, poker chips, and the green felts all at discount prices. I set up a couple tables around the house and we played Texas Hold 'em and Black Jack. I got a couple people to volunteer to be dealers and then rotated after a while. I found some inexpensive "auction items" that appeal to men and women; and at the end of the night the guests used their "winnings" to bid on the items. Maybe your friends have items they could donate that they would have put in a garage sale or, I bought things like a bottle of wine or nice beer, gift cards, basket with chips and salsa, Sports Illustrated Calendar, candles or body lotions, etc.

This kind of party can be done on a small budget or, obviously, on a larger if you choose. Food can run the gamut from small snacks to a buffet - same with drinks. It was a great time and a nice ice breaker if you can separate the couples so that they mix with people at the other tables. Feel free to email me if you'd like for more ideas; I still have lots of decks of cards and probably the poker chips you could borrow if you'd like. We had so much fun and lots of memories.
Have fun,



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I just celebrated a surprise 40th birthday party with a friend of ours that I thought was great. The husband planned it on a Tuesday at our church in a room that was not being used. There was no cost for this and the fact that it was on a Tuesday made my friend stay clueless. The husband bought a gorgeous cake and asked a group of us friends to bring fruit, cheese, and sandwiches. This kept the cost down and made everyone feel a part of it.

It was from 7:00 to about 9-9:30, it was short and sweet but very much appreciated.



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Hi K.,
We too are in Irving...couple of suggestions--we are actually doing this soon going to Mercado Juarez at Northwest Highway...they will let you reserve an area, they also do seperate checks. What we are doing is buying appetizers for the tables. Kind of fun.
Also we recently went to a 50th at Oasis in Grand Prairie off Joe Pool lake that was fun. They also have a band that plays too...cannot remember all the details and times of when the band comes, but we got seperate checks too. Was fun and relaxing as you are right on the water. You could do a Nautical Theme or rent a boat at the marina. Either place easy to suprise you could just pretend to be taking him out to eat or do it two weeks ahead, etc.

Have Fun! Let us know what you do :)

Here is a secret I turn 50 in August too, but we are doing a cruise...cannot wait!

Mom to 18 and 23 year olds, and married almost 3 years to a good guy that treats me like a queen... yep I am spoiled :) great kids great hubby!



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Dave & Buster's. All guys like video games and pool and you might be able to get a set menu and let everyone pay for their own beverages and games. Also you could do cheap baseball seats - you could probably get a group discount thru the stadium.

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