4 Yr Old Son with Strabismus

Updated on October 24, 2012
A.W. asks from Baltimore, MD
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Hi all,
My 4 yr old son was recently diagnosed with strabismus after noticing blinking and then eye crossing in right eye this summer. At first dr said esotropia in right eye and prescribed glasses. My son had difficulty with the glasses - he peers over the glasses and moves them to see and says that he couldn't see. After telling him that it's supposed to help him see and to try until we see dr in a few weeks he did not do that as much but started to get more headaches. Now about 1 1/2 months later we went to dr again and said he has alternating esotropia (vision is same in both eyes) and he actually sees better without the glasses. Dr said to patch and only wear glasses inside to see if helps with headaches. We are trying prisms next. Dr really thinks my son will need surgery.

I am going to get a second opinion.

I'm so confused...any advice?

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answers from San Antonio on

My daughter had the surgery done for this condition right after she turned three years old. It was a tough but, right decision for us.

She had not lost vision yet, she didn't need glasses, and really it fixed the problem almost instantly.

She is five now and has beautiful straightly aligned eyes and good vision.

Don't be afraid of the surgery but ask around and make sure you get the best surgeon for the procedure in your area. Our doctor gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call him with any post-surgery questions. he was very very highly recommended.

You can PM me if you have more questions about any of it...hugs!!


answers from Asheville on

esotropia is a type of strabismus. My 4 yr old daughter was at her 18 mo well baby chick up and the ped was looking at her eyes with the flashlight, then moved to check her twin sister. She continued to follow the flashlight as he moved over to sister and out of the corner of his eye he noticed a problem. Thank God. He got us an appointment with a pediatric specialist at Childrens Hospital. Turns out he isn't just a specialist, he micro specializes in strabismus!. My little girls had V pattern strabismus. We started with patching. (try that with an 18 month old!). It may have worked but MIL (who watched them while we worked) never enforced the wearing of the patch. So we tried glasses. Once again, without the wearing enforced, there was no improvement. So we had two surgeries. One detatched a muscle in each eye to correct the upward movement. She cried and slept alternately for the first couple of hours after surgery. For two days she said there was something in her eye (stitches). Then she was fine. Her eyes improved immediatly. Then, about six months later, she had surgery to correct the inward movement. Dr. Gitchlag detatched a muscle in each eye and reattached it a bit further over. She didn't cry a bit or complain after that surgery. Very slight black eyes and she was good as gold.
She had her one year check up last month and is doing so well that we are trying her without the glasses for 6 months (the glasses are only to try to train the muscles to hold the eyes in the correct position, not for vision correction) Bren tried to look over her glasses also and they can be adjusted so that it is more difficult to look over them.
Are you seeing a pediatric opthamologist and an optomitrist specializing in children and their vision problems? Our wonderful doctor has the most awesome optomitrist in house.
I would get a second opinion and if there is a Childrens Hospital nearby, I would get a consult from them. It sounds a bit back and forth, to me instead of progressing in a normal trial of treatment manor. (but of course Im not a dr.) Her doctor explained everything with diagrams, posters and even with lenses in front of MY eyes to show me what she was seeing and how it felt. He also explained everything in detail about the corrective measures and the surgeries. He was the surgeon, checked on her hours later, the next day, a week later, month later, 3,6 and 12 mo check ups. We LOVE Doctor Gitchslag!
If is comes to surgery, don't worry. It really isn't as bad as I thought it would be and recovery was next to nothing.
We were given a pamphlet on strabismus and I did research when she was diagnosed. If there is something else you want to know, please feel free to pm me!



answers from Little Rock on

Yes, seek a second opinion but I would think surgery would be a viable option. I know you are scared for your child, but you don't want further damage or progressive deteriation. I would find a pediatric specialist that deals specifically with strabismus. Good luck to you!



answers from Albuquerque on

My daughter now 6 had surgery for strabismus when she was 2. glasses with prizms were tried for 3/4 months and didnt work. We were very comfortable with her doctor. both her eyes crossed not real bad but still noticeable. surgery was about 30 min and recovery wasnt bad eyes were blood shot, she cried a bit on the way home because of the sun light so I'd take some sunglasses. everything is fine now although when she gets tired she gets a lazy left eye but nothing major just looks tired. be comfortabale and confident with your doctor. ours had plenety of before and afters explained everything well couldnt have asked for a better doc!

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