4 Year Old with Warts

Updated on April 21, 2008
K.C. asks from Langhorne, PA
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My 4 year daughter has warts on her knee. I have pointed them out to her pediatrician several times and she tells me that getting them removed would be painful and that they would just go away. She has had one big one for 2 years and just recently, several small ones have developed in the same area. Has anyone had success with over the counter wart removal? Is there one that is safe for children?

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I have no idea if this will work or not, but I'll tell you my personal story:

When I was in college years ago, I had my 1st set of tips put on my nails for a sorority formal. The woman in the salon cut all of my cuticles as she was going through the process of putting on the fake nails. Weeks later, I noticed that I had warts around every single nail bed on both hands. As a nursing student, I knew that was not going to be the hands a patient would want to have touching them when I was in the hospitals for clinicals.

I showed them to my clinical instructor, a nurse, and she gave me this advice:

Buy a bottle of Vitamin E capsules from the drugstore. Stick a pin in a capsule and squeeze out the vitamin E liquid on the warts and cover with a band-aid. Use as many capsules as needed to completely cover the warts. I did this at night every night for a month and they were gone and have never returned!!

I hope this works for your daughter, too - at least Vitamin E is not a chemical and is very safe for you to try on your young daughter. Best wishes!!

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Hi K.
Both of my daughters have had warts on their feet actually. There is over the counter stuff called tina-med (I think that's the name)You can put it on the wart and cover it with a band aid. If you do this daily for about 2 weeks, they usually fall off.They do make freeze off stuff, but it stings! Well, hope this helps! K.



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My daughter started getting warts around the same age and they got bigger and more spread. They were behind her knees and on the tops of her ankles. My pediatrician used some of the over the counter stuff to "freeze" them off but that didn't work. Finally I took her to a dermatologist when she was 6 and got rid of all of them. They are still gone. My 9 year old son has started getting them now. They are still relatively small but growing - pediatrician said the same thing - they will go away. I'm not so sure but I won't head to the dermatologist just yet. These are on his fingers and would probably prove to be more sensitive to treat but if it doesn't get better then I will.



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My daughter now 5 had a wart removed last summer from her knee as well. It has not returned. Our family doctor did it; but if hers won't just ask for a referral to a dermatologist. Of course if she will tolerate it duct tape (truly it does work) over it and it should be gone in about a month. I opted for removal by the doctor as it was a much quicker option.




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All the advice is good! It just depends on what your tolerance level is for the warts.

Duct tape works. So does the vitamin e. It just takes time and consistency. The freezing hurts, but works faster. Dermatologist is the quickest and they'll never come back.

Warts are caused by the HPV virus and you can pick it up anywhere.

My two year old has a wart on her finger and just pulled one out of her chin. When you pull a wart and enough of the root is exposed to air, it will die (usually within 24-48 hours).


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