4 Year Old with Stinky Gas

Updated on August 25, 2010
K.J. asks from Detroit, MI
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My son has the most stinky gas in the world!!! Even after he is done doing #2 he can still clear a room. Is it healthy for a 4 year old little boy to have such terrible gas? And he passes gas over and over again. Am I doing something wrong? I feed him veggies and fruit and he drinks loads of water and some juice. He does have french fries sometimes and fried foods though. I try to keep him diet balanced as much as possible. Any suggestions? Should I be concerned?

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So What Happened?

I took the advice of one mom where she suggested that I give him 1 yogurt a day and that has worked brilliantly. He has bm's more consistently-onceor twice a day (which I didn't notice was a problem until now). He is not as gassy and his gas does not stink as bad. I may also buy the probiotic but they are so expensive so I'll see if I even need it. Thank you for all of your advice!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

No, some people just have the tendency. If his diet is healthy with lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains, I'd not worry about it.

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If possible feed him 1 yogurt a day that should help with the gas. Also is he bloated or just gas. If he's bloated as well consult your peditrician he may have a food allergy. Lots of veggies will cause gas as well.

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answers from New York on

Try Florastor Kids. Also keep letting him drink water. Good Luck!



answers from Detroit on

K. quit frieghting over something you can't control. Sorry to say but the human body is made by god no one can change it. Some of us our bodies give off gas thats more smellier than others. The food we take in for fuel is what produces the gas with the acid in our bellies. So as its going through the whole break down I have never heard of feeding someone something different to change the smell of gas and gas is what also helps move around the stools to be expressed out. So Deal with it!! It doesn't matter what he eats. Although I can advise to not give him lots of broccoli or peas those are the two that will gass you the most. They tell you to watch thoughs when breastfeeding because they can give the baby gas. Also red meats like steak and hamburgers can change the gas to be smellier too. I know from haveing a husband and a son that when we eat steak or he has split pea soup sometimes its hard to slepp with him at night because of the gas issue but i can't change it the steak is good for the iron. I myself have different gas from different food s too. U could try and find which is making the smell worse and stay away from it.



answers from Dallas on

This is probably a food intolerance issue. I stay away from soy products for this reason!



answers from Chicago on

Probably nothing to worry about, but is he constipated? How many BM's in a week? Unless he is going once or twice a day, he may just be a bit constipated and this is causing the smelly gas. I would try a daily probiotic to aide digestion and make sure he is going #2 at least once a day. My four year old used to have the worst smelling gas as she had chronic constipation issues and she drank a lot of soy milk--this was kinda smelly! I put her on a probiotic over a year ago and this corrected the problem. I also pulled back a bit on the soy and starting alternating with rice and almond milk.



answers from Portland on

Hi K.-

Veggies are good for you, but they can also cause gas. Try to see if he has bad gas after certain foods.

If here is a pattern, he may not be able to digest certain foods well.

Good Luck

R. Magby



answers from Lansing on

My son gets really gassy when he eats oats, dairy, or wheat. So gassy in fact that his is passing gas once every 2 minutes. If the gas is painful to your son or so frequent that he is passing more than once every 15 minutes or so, try eliminating a food type from his diet.

I would start with dairy first - remove it fully from his diet for 1.5 to 2 weeks and see if symptoms improve. You can replace calcium by feeding him kale and other leafy green veggies, or by giving him rice milk or soy milk with added calcium. Then after 2 weeks start adding an 8 oz glass of milk back into his diet one meal at a time and record what happens. Do this daily for 4 days and then remove the milk fully from his diet again and see what happens. Some of the symptoms won't appear right away, it may take 20 minutes or even up to 2 days for his body to react to the food so keep tracking for a full week.

If you don't see an improvement with his gas after removing dairy try removing all forms of wheat from his diet a month later and follow the pattern above that you would have used for the removal of dairy. You have to space out the elimination type diet so his body will come back to normal and you can see the real results of the test.

If nothing changes after removing dairy and wheat try looking at more unusual sources such as soy, eggs, oats, garlic, tomatoes, etc.

Good luck!


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